State Research Prize

High distinction for stem cell researcher Andreas Trumpp

This year's State Research Prize of Baden-Württemberg awarded for outstanding achievements in applied research goes to Andreas Trumpp from the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) and the Heidelberg Institute for Stem Cell Technology and Experimental Medicine (HI-STEM). Theresia Bauer, State Minister of Science, Research and the Arts, presented the award, which carries a monetary prize of €100.000, at a festive ceremony on December 10, 2018.

GCRC 2019

1st German Cancer Research Congress (GCRC)

On 4th and 5th February 2019, the 1st German Cancer Research Congress / 1. Deutsche KrebsForschungsKongress will be held in Heidelberg, to showcase cancer research in Germany.


Leibniz Prize for Hans-Reimer Rodewald

Hans-Reimer Rodewald from the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) has received the 2019 Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize, which is the most important research funding award in Germany. Rodewald's work focuses on the question of how various types of immune cells develop from stem cells and together form a functioning immune system.

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Computer Model to Predict Prostate Cancer Progression

An international team of cancer researchers from Germany and Denmark have used cancer patient data to develop a computer model that can predict the course of disease for prostate cancer. The model is currently being implemented at a prostate cancer clinic in Germany. The researchers have also found the enzyme that appears to trigger some of the first mutations in prostate cancer.

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Hopp Children's Cancer Center (KiTZ)

The sleeping beauty among brain tumors

Scientists from the Hopp Children's Tumor Center Heidelberg (KiTZ), together with two other teams from the German Cancer Association (DKTK) and researchers from the UK, have shown that a group of inflammatory messengers slows down or even stops the growth of certain brain tumor cells. This molecular mechanism could be the key to new therapeutic approaches.

Latest News

New Ways to Look at Protein-RNA Networks

For their vital tasks, all RNA molecules in our cells require proteins as binding partners. Scientists at the German Cancer Research Center (Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum, DKFZ) and colleagues from the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) have developed the first method with which they can analyze the composition of the entire RNA-protein network of the cell. The new method has now been published in the scientific journal "Cell".

Latest News

Algorithm identifies multiple gene–environment relationships

Researchers at the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), EMBL's European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI) and the Wellcome Sanger Institute have developed a new computational method that makes it possible to identify the impact of hundreds of environmental factors on genotype–environment interactions. The method will enhance understanding of relationship between genotype and environmental factors

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