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Dr. Philipp Rößner receives Franziska Kolb Prize


We congratulate our fellow Dr. Philipp Rößner on receiving the Franziska Kolb Prize for the Promotion of Leukemia Research, which is endowed with 8,000 euros. The prize of the foundation of the same name is awarded by the University of Ulm to promising young scientists. Dr. Philipp Rößner is conducting research at DKFZ on immunobiological mechanisms in blood cancers as part of the Clinician Scientist Program. Our Clinician Scientist Fellowship enables him to concentrate fully on his research on the common chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) for 2 years in addition to his clinical work as a physician. With his research work, Philipp Rößner has made a decisive contribution to clarifying changes in T cells in CLL. The results could also be of importance beyond CLL with regard to innovative forms of therapy such as CAR T cell approaches.

Dr. med. Maximilian Blank


"The DKFZ Clinician Scientist Fellowship offers me the unique opportunity to perform cutting-edge research while still pursuing my residency in the Department of Hematology and Oncology at the University Hospital Heidelberg. Clinical work is closely intertwined with both clinical and basic research. The Clinician Scientist Fellowship offers two years of protected research time and I am flexible to intersperse clinical work if needed. It provides an excellent opportunity to pursue my research project with the aim to contribute to the better understanding of pathogenetic mechanisms in acute myeloid leukemia. And my work will hopefully result in the identification of new therapeutic insights that will help us to translate our findings from bench to bedside."

Xiangli Jiang, MD PhD


"The DKFZ Clinician Scientist Fellowship directly supports my ambitions to gain international research experience and to build up my personal research network. In the era of precision medicine and rapidly evolving medical science, physicians not only need to have profound experience in clinical practice, but also need a deep understanding of basic research. The fellowship is therefore helping me to further deepen the link between clinical and basic cancer research in a world-class scientific setting. I am convinced that this experience will have a significant impact on my long-term career perspective as a clinician scientist."

Dr. med. Laura Klotz


"The DKFZ Clinician Scientist Fellowship allows me to link the clinical characteristics of our large patient cohort to molecular biomarkers which are identified by analyzing human tissue and blood samples. Within this translational research approach, I aim to detect biomarkers that might be relevant for screening high-risk patients after work-related asbestos exposure and to predict their response to treatment. By building a bridge from thoracic surgery to basic research, I aim to learn cutting-edge methods and techniques in order to optimize future treatment possibilities for our mesothelioma patients."

Dr. med. Raphael Lutz


"The fellowship provided by the DKFZ Clinician Scientist Program gives me the opportunity to perform state of the art translational research. My goal is to generate scientific results that will have a major impact on future patient outcomes. In the future, I want to combine my expertise in clinical and translational research and develop novel therapeutic strategies to prevent disease progression of Multiple Myeloma. I am confident that this research can contribute to our ultimate goal of finding a cure for this specific cancer entity."

Dr. med. Verena Panitz


"The concept of a career as a Clinician Scientist fascinates me because it allows the deep integration of clinical and scientific knowledge and experience and hence facilitates the translation from bench to bedside. On the clinical side, I am training as a resident in Neurology at the Department of Neurology at Heidelberg University Hospital. The DKFZ Clinician Scientist Fellowship provides me with the opportunity to conduct research over a timespan of two years. During this protected research time I am able to specifically focus on my research topic immunometabolism in glioblastoma. In the future, I hope that a better understanding of the resistance mechanisms in glioblastoma will help to improve treatment of glioblastoma patients."

Dr. med. Mohammad Rahbari


"Pursuing my career, I soon realized that it will be more than helpful to integrate the perspective of a basic scientist into my clinician's viewpoint. The DKFZ Clinician Scientist Fellowship therefore represents a unique opportunity for me to combine both worlds. Dedicated mentorship by selected academic and clinical experts help me to further develop my career as a clinician scientist."

Clinician Scientist Fellowship Brochure


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