Major Cancer Biology Students 2017

Welcome! - The new students were introduced to the DKFZ by Prof. Michael Boutros and the Coordinator, Prof. Ilse Hofmann

Bianca Balzasch (Germany)

Toman Bortecen (Germany)

Víctor Campos Fornés (Spain)


University Education
10/2017 - present: Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg and German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ, Heidelberg), MSc. Molecular Biosciences, Major Cancer Biology
9/2013 - 7/2017:  University of Barcelona, Faculty of Biology (Barcelona, Spain)

Highest Degree
B.Sc. in Biochemistry

Title of Bachelor Thesis
Validation of new molecules as activators of mitochondrial fusion

Internships/Working Experience
2/2017 - 7/2017: Bachelor Thesis “Validation of new molecules as activators of mitochondrial fusion” in the group of Dr. Zorzano, Research program of Molecular Medicine, Institute for Research in Biomedicine of Barcelona (IRB), Barcelona, Spain
7/2015 - 8/2015: Internship at CRAG: Centre for Research in Agricultural Genomics, in the group of Dr. Campos, Research program of Metabolism and Metabolic Engineering, Barcelona, Spain. “ER biogenesis in Arabidopsis Thaliana
6/2015 - 7/2015: Internship at IBMB: Molecular Biology Institute of Barcelona (CSIC), in the group of Dr. Fita, Structural Biology Unit, in Barcelona, Spain. “Crystaline proteic structure resolution”

Research Interest/Future Plans
There are many molecular biology fields that catch my attention, but cancer research has always appealed me: the changes the cell suffer during carcinogenesis, the uncontrolled and uneven replication and spread of the carcinogenic cells, and their ability to evade the natural defense mechanisms of the organism are some of the traits that make this disease so dangerous and unpredictable, but at the same time fascinating. Recent publications show great results in cancer recess and elimination when using immunotherapy or gene therapy adapted to each case and individual, but progress in this “personalized medicine” has still to be made: we still do not fully understand the underlying molecular mechanisms which differ from one patient to another that enhance different responses to the same treatment and that, if known, could help us design more specific treatments for patients. Carrying out a PhD in such topics is my desired plan for the future.

v.camposfornes (at)

Martha Carreño González (Mexico)

Beatrice Casati (Italy)

Miray Cetin (Canada)

Tasneem Cheytan (Mauritius)

Elisa Facen (Italy)

Stephanie Gehrs (Germany)

Kinam Gupta (India)

Vanessa Gutmann (Germany)

Kevin Jimenez-Cowell (USA & Spain)

Ramya Lakshmana Iyer (India)

Manisha Manojkumar (India)

Ziva Modic (Slovenia)

Lena Nitsch (Germany)

Julia Puchan (Germany)

Franziska Ragaller (Germany)

Darius Schenk (Germany)

Nathalie Scheu (Germany)

Alina Siebenmorgen (Germany)

Leonie Uhl (Germany)

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