Medizin-Physik-Seminar im Sommersemester 2017

DKFZ, Abteilung Medizinische Physik in der Strahlentherapie
Im Neuenheimer Feld 280, Großer Seminarraum FS E, mittwochs 14:00 Uhr, s.t.


  • 19.04.17     Prof. Dr. Stefan Delorme, DKFZ E010
    GTV Definitions for CNS tumors


  • 26.04.17     Prof. Dr. Robert Prevedel, EMBL Heidelberg,New tools for optical recording of neuronal activity across model organisms


  • 03.05.17      Prof. Dr. Gino Fallone, CCI Edmonton,
    MR guided RT


  • 10.05.17     entfällt (ESTRO)


  • 17.05.17      Prof. Dr. Antje Knopf,  UMC Groningen
    MRg protons


  • 18.05.17 10:30 (s. t.)     Prof. Brian Armstrong,  College of Engineering & Applied Science, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
    An overview of 3D motion tracking technologies for biomedical applications and introduction to Moire Phase Tracking


  • 24.05.17      Prof. Dr. Peter Bachert, DKFZ E020
    MR Physics Refresher


  • 31.05.17     Prof. Dr. Peter van Luijk, UMC Groningen
    Understanding normal tissue damage - Mechanisms, modelling and treatment optimization


  • 07.6.17     Prof. Dr. Jan Unkelbach, Uni Zürich
    Spatiotemporal RT optimization


  • 14.06.17      Prof. Dr. Emma Harris, ICR UK
    Image-guided external beam radiotherapy using advances in ultrasound: applications and opportunities


  • 21.06.17     Prof. Dr. Markus Alber, Uniklinik HD
    NTCP modelling


  • 22.06.17 15:00 Uhr     Prof. Dr. Marco Schwarz / Paolo F., APSS Trento
    Research and development in proton therapy: a clinical medical physicist’s point of view


  • 28.06.17     Prof. Dr. Leon De Prez, VSL Delft
    MR Calorimetry


  • 05.07.17      Prof. Dr. Daniela Thorwarth, U Tübingen


  • 12.07.17      Dr. Grischa Klimpki, PSI Villingen
    Fast and continuous pencil beam scanning in proton therapy


  • 19.07.17      Prof. Dr. Miguel Palacios, Amsterdam


  • 26.07.17      Prof. Dr. Willy Gerber, Universidad Austral de Chile 
    Lattice Boltzmann Method applied to Dose Calculation

Gastgeber: Prof. Dr. O. Jäkel, Dr. Steffen Greilich, Dr. Mark Bangert, Prof. Dr. Mark E. Ladd
Organisation (für E040): Dr. Mark Bangert,, Tel. 06221-422418 Dr. Steffen Greilich, Tel. 06221-422632

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