Seminar "Medical Physics", Summer Semester 2019

DKFZ, Division of Medical Physics in Radiation Oncology (E040)
Im Neuenheimer Feld 223 (Radiologisches Entwicklungszentrum, REZ), F.02.082, Wednesdays 2pm (s.t.)


  • 23.04.19     No seminar!

  • 01.05.19     Public Holiday - No Seminar!

  • 08.05.19     Lorenzo Masia, Institute of Computer Engineering (ZITI), Heidelberg University
    From Robot-Aided Neurorehabilitation to Human Augmentation


  • 15.05.19    Ludvig Muren, Aarhus University / DCPT
    Normal tissue complication probability models for patient selection to proton therapy


  • 22.05.19    Uwe Schneider, University of Zürich
    Track event model and nanodosimetery


  • 29.05.19     Paola Caprile, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
    Dosimetric studies for photon beams under non-standard conditions and other medical physics projects at UC

  • 29.05.19 (Extra, 11:15 @ F.01.088) Simeon Nill, ICR London
    Elekta Unity @ RMH/ICR: From commissioning to first clinical experience


  • 05.06.19      Hans-Georg Menzel, ICRU
    The role of ICRU in the metrology of ionizing radiation


  • 12.06.19      Guntram Pausch,  Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden
    Prompt gamma-ray based range verification in proton therapy: Can we do better? Shall we do better?


  • 19.06.19      Eirik Malinen, University of Oslo
    PET in RT: from planning to monitoring


  • 26.06.19     Martin Frank, KIT


  • 03.07.19     Wouter Crijns, UZ Leuven


  • 10.07.19     Katharina Spindeldreier, University Hospital Heidelberg


  • 17.07.19     Niels Bassler, Stockholm University
    Investigations of secondary particles in ion beams and their relation to RBE


  • 24.07.19     Marco Durante, GSI
    Biomedical research programs: from GSI to FAIR


  • 31.07.19    Daniela Thorwarth, University Hospital Tübingen
    MR-guided Radiotherapy using MR-Linac


Hosts: Prof. Dr. O. Jäkel, Dr. Niklas Wahl, Dr. Lucas Burigo, Prof. Dr. Mark E. Ladd
Organisation (for E040): Dr. Niklas Wahl, Phone. 06221-42-2233 Dr. Lucas Burigo, Tel. 06221-42-2439

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