Seminar "Medical Physics", Summer Semester 2020

DKFZ, Division of Medical Physics in Radiation Oncology (E040)
Im Neuenheimer Feld 223 (Radiologisches Entwicklungszentrum, REZ), Virtual BlueJeans Seminar Room during Covid-10 Pandemic, otherwise F.02.082, Wednesdays 2pm (s.t.)


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic this summer semester's seminar will start later and have less speakers than usual.

Until further notice, all talks will be given remotely!

  • 27.05.20     Marie-Catherine Vozenin, Laboratory of Radiation Oncology, Department of Radiation Oncology., Lausanne University Hospital and University of Lausanne
    Can FLASH-RT change the way we treat cancer? What we think we know and what we don't know.


  • 03.06.20    Patrick Sibolt, Radiation Therapy Research Unit, Herlev Hospital 
    Initial clinical experience using Ethos for online adaptive radiotherapy


  • 17.06.20    Hans-Peter Wieser, LMU München
    Ionoacoustic for in-vivo range verification in particle therapy

  • 24.06.20      Karsten Salomon, QualiFormeD
    Log file based Linac QA – An overview with focus on Linacwatch


  • 01.07.20      Martin Fast,  UMC Utrecht
    Motion management 4.0 on the Elekta Unity MR-linac


  • 08.07.20    Thomas Schmid, TU München


  • 22.07.20     Anna Dubrovska, OncoRay


  • 29.07.20     Philipp Schneider, University of Southhampton

Hosts: Prof. Dr. O. Jäkel, Dr. Niklas Wahl, Dr. Lucas Burigo, Prof. Dr. Mark E. Ladd
Organisation (for E040): Dr. Niklas Wahl, Phone. 06221-42-2233 Dr. Lucas Burigo, Tel. 06221-42-2439

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