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Alumni of the Eichmüller group

© S. Eichmüller

In science very often people from different nations work together. We are proud, that during the last years in our research team people from many different countries have worked. This always has given a special spirit and multi-cultural experiences for everybody.

The flags on the right side represent the home countries of former and present members of our group.

Below, all people are listed, which had worked in our research group since its foundation in 1997. In brackets you find their function within the group during her/his membership. The actual team can be found here. Photographs of the team in past years can be found here.

  • Abukiwan, Alia PhD (Master student)
  • Avancini, Aurora (MD student)
  • Amann, Philipp Prof. Dr. med. (MD student)
  • Bärreiter, Silke PhD (Postdoc, Production head GMP)
  • Bartels, Judith (Technician)
  • Bazhin, Alexandr Prof. Dr., PhD (Postdoc, group leader)
  • Breuer, Andrea (technician) †
  • Chao, Tsu-Yang (Spencer) Master of Science (Master student)
  • Das, Krishna PhD (PhD student)
  • Dikov, Boyan MD (MD student)
  • Ehlken, Hanno MD (MD student)
  • Eichmüller, Oliver (internship)
  • Eickelbaum, Willi (Technician, GMP)
  • Eisel, David PhD (PhD student)
  • Ertel, Paula (Auszubildende Laborantin)
  • Fellenberg, Friederike PhD (PhD student)
  • Freudenberger, Muriel Dipl. biol. (Diploma student)
  • Gardyan, Adriane PhD (PhD student and postdoc)
  • Gerhardt, Axel MD (MD student)
  • Graß, Sabrina Dipl. biol. (Diploma student)
  • Hartmann, Laura PhD (PhD student)
  • Heinicke, Salomé (internship)
  • Heinzelmann, Anita (MTA)
  • Henrich, Alina (MTA GMP; Bachelor)
  • Jesiak, Maria PhD (PhD student)
  • Jutzi, Tanja PhD (nee Hartmann; Diploma and PhD student)
  • Katrinka, Jovana (internships)
  • Kazimierczak, Urszula PhD (Diploma student)
  • Kistler, Claudia PhD (Postdoc)
  • Koch, Marie-Luise (Auszubildende Laborantin)
  • Korona, Danuta (Master student)
  • Kordaß, Theresa (nee: Schacht; internship and Master student) 
  • Laban, Simon Prof. Dr. med. (MD student) 
  • Lange, Andreas MD (MD student) 
  • Lee, Mieun PhD (PhD student)
  • Lenkl, Clarissa (nee: Nicolaus; Master student)
  • Li, Fang MD (Postdoc) 
  • Luo, Chonglin PhD (PhD student and postdoc)
  • Marques, Luisa Vieira Codeco, PhD (PhD student)
  • Mattern, Eva (MD student) 
  • Melake, Miriam (Master student)
  • Merz, Patrick PhD, Dipl. Ing. (Diploma student)
  • Mugarza, Edurne PhD (Master student)
  • Neubert, Julia (Technician GMP)
  • Niebauerová, Iva (Diploma student)
  • Nowak, Yvonne (Technician, GMP)
  • Pane, Antonino PhD (PhD student)
  • Pittaluga, Barbara Dipl. biol. (Diploma student) 
  • Rajput, Masooma Master of Bioscience (Master student)
  • Rupp, Anne PhD (Project Manager GMP)
  • Sarko, Dikran PhD (Postdoc)
  • Schlosser, Ann-Katrin (Master student)
  • Schmitt, Vanessa (Technician GMP)
  • Schönfelder, Bruno Master of Bioscience (Master student)
  • Schönhaber, Hiltrud (Technician)
  • Schröter, Philipp cand. med. (MD student)
  • Soltek, Sabine Dr. med. vet. (Postdoc)
  • Stein, Angelika MD (Postdoc) 
  • Tambor, Vojtech Dipl. Pharm. (Diploma student) 
  • Tanriverdi-Akhisaroglu, Serpil MD PhD (Project Manager GMP)
  • Tetteh, Paul, PhD, Master of Bioscience (Master student) 
  • Theis, Jana (Auszubildende Laborantin)
  • Thiel, Daniela MD (MD student) 
  • Usener, Dirk PhD (Diploma and PhD student)
  • van der Peet, Ida (Master student)
  • Vormehr, Mathias PhD (Diploma)
  • Wartusch, Melisa (Master student)
  • Weber, Claudia (PhD student and postdoc)
  • Wendel, Max (civil service and Technician GMP)
  • Wiedemann, Nicole PhD (geb./nee Gottstein; PhD student)
  • Willner, Nadine MD (MD student)
  • Zeng, Jinyang PhD (Postdoc)

In our group up to date 49 theses have successfully been completed, including 22 master/diploma, 1 Bachelor, 10 MD, 15 PhD and 1 PD theses.

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