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View PDF here


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Our first preprint open access manuscript introduces a new color coded multiplexing single molecular RNA FISH technic: Hulu FISH)
View PDF here


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View PDF here


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View PDF here


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(* corresponding author. Highlighted in Nature Reviews Cancer: Cancer stem cell knockout! Previewed in Cell Stem Cell: The tailless root of glioma: cancer stem cells. Cell Stem Cell: Best of 2014, Total 8 Articles were selected)
View PDF here


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(*corresponding author, Highlighted with a preview in Cell Stem Cell entitled CHD7 in charge of neurogenesis.)
View PDF here


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View PDF here


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(Highlighted, Nature 08. April. 2010, Top of most read papers in Genes Dev, Highlighted by Faculty 1000 biology, F1000 Score 6.0 must read paper)
View PDF here


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View PDF here


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View PDF here

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