Recent Publications

Eilebrecht, S., Hotz-Wagenblatt, A., Sarachaga, V., Burk, A., Falida, K., Chakraborty, D., Nikitina, E., Tessmer, C., Whitley, C., Sauerland, C., Gunst, K., Grewe, I., Bund, T.
Expression and replication of virus-like circular DNA in human cells
Scientific Reports, 8:2851, 2018.

zur Hausen H., Bund T. and de Villiers, E.M.
Infectious Agents in Bovine Red Meat and Milk and Their Potential Role in Cancer and Other Chronic Diseases.
Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology, 407, 83-116, 2017.

zur Hausen, H. and de Villiers, E.M.
Dairy cattle serum and milk factors contributing to the risk of colon and breast cancers.
Int J Cancer, 137(4), 959-67, 2015.

zur Hausen, H.
What do breast and CRC cancers and MS have in common?
Nature Rev. Clinical Oncology, 12(10), 569-70, 2015.

zur Hausen, H. and de Villiers, E.M.
Cancer „causation“ by infections – individual contributions and synergistic networks.
Seminars Oncology 41(6), 860-875, 2014.

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