Members of our team are continuously involved in different teaching activities, e.g.:

Journal Club Cancer Immunotherapy

We offer a weekly Journal Club focusing on "Cancer Immunotherapy" which takes place on Mondays at 9.00 a.m. with participants from different departments and research programs.

Each participant presents a paper approximately every 8 months. The paper is discussed by all attendees.

If you are interested to join, please contact S. Eichmüller. Participation can be confirmed for the PhD program.

A list of papers presented so far can be found here (pdf-file; updated 2018-11-19).

Major Cancer Biology

Together with other departments we are organizing and running the module HP-F11 “Immunological Methods” which is part of the “Focus Bioscience 1&2”.

This includes Lecture Series and Tutorials on "Tumor Immunology, Virology and Cancer", as well as supervision of students during a practical (Prof. S. Eichmüller, Dr. W. Osen).

Further details on the Major Cancer Biology can be found here.

PhD program

Prof. Eichmüller is running a weekly literature seminar (see Journal Club above).

Furthermore, we have a weekly lab meeting for students working in our group supervised by Dr. W. Osen and Prof. S. Eichmüller.

In a “Work in Progress Seminar” (organized by Dr. Isabel Poschke), PhD students and scientists report on latest results of their research projects to colleagues from various departments of the DKFZ working on immunotherapy.

Good Scientific Practice

Prof. Eichmüller regularly gives lectures/seminars on “Good Scientific Practice” both, within the initial course of the “DKFZ PhD program” and as part of the “DKFZ Postdoc Qualification Program”. If you are within the DKFZ network, you can have access to the lecture and further information on GSP via this website.


Students of the Master Program 'Molecular Biosciences' University of Heidelberg, Faculty of Biosciences can do internships in our group. In order to provide optimal supervision this is restricted to one student at a time.

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