Teachers + Scientists

The Heidelberg Teachers + Scientists Team

The Heidelberg Teachers + Scientists Team

Teachers + Scientists is a project aimed at developing long-lasting cooperations between STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) teachers and scientists. Through the collaboration, educators have the chance to gain insights in current fields of study of universities and research institutes. They are able to transfer the newly acquired knowledge into their schools and to their students and to develop teaching materials. Scientists profit from the exchange for their scientific communication.

At the final presentation

Angelika Riemer participated in the project from 2015 to 2017, teamed with a science teacher from a school with a special biotechnology focus. In the course of the project, not only the teacher, but also small groups of students visited the lab. The cooperation resulted in teaching materials for high school students about the interactions between the immune system and cancer, and in four short videos that can be used as primers for single teaching units.

All these materials are in German and can be found in the link next to the Logo, or directly in the links below.

Heidelberg Life-Science Lab

The Life-Science Lab is part of the DKFZ and aims at promoting talented high school students in the life sciences. A. Riemer takes part in their programs for high school students, but also in teacher education formats.

Participation in High School Student Education

Apart from the above-mentioned organized formats, Angelika Riemer also sometimes teaches at summer schools for talented high school students, and is invited to give a talk and answer students’ questions in the scope of biology classes.

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