Primary Research Articles (since establishment of the group at the DKFZ in 2012)


Jabs M, Rose AJ, Lehmann LH, Taylor J, Moll I, Sijmonsma TP, Herberich SE, Sauer SW, Poschet G, Federico G, Mogler C, Weis EM, Augustin HG, Yan M, Gretz N, Schmid RM, Adams RH, Gröne HJ, Hell R, Okun JG, Backs J, Nawroth PP, Herzig S, Fischer A. (2018) Inhibition of endothelial Notch signaling impairs fatty acid transport and leads to metabolic and vascular remodeling of the adult heart. Circulation. in press


Feldner A, Adam MG, Tetzlaff F, Moll I, Komljenovic D, Sahm F, Bäuerle T, Ishikawa H, Schroten H, Korff T, Hofmann I, Wolburg H, von Deimling A, Fischer A. (2017) Loss of Mpdz impairs ependymal cell integrity leading to perinatal-onset hydrocephalus in mice. EMBO Mol Med. Jul;9(7):890-905.

Wieland E, Rodriguez-Vita J, Liebler SS, Mogler C, Moll I, Herberich SE, Espinet E, Herpel E, Menuchin A, Chang-Claude J, Hoffmeister M, Gebhardt C, Brenner H, Trumpp A, Siebel CW, Hecker M, Utikal J, Sprinzak D, Fischer A. (2017) Endothelial Notch1 Activity Facilitates Metastasis. Cancer Cell. Mar 13;31(3):355-367.

Editorial in Cancer Cell.

Editorial in Cancer Discovery.

Comment in Science.


Spiegler S, Kirchmaier B, Rath M, Korenke GC, Tetzlaff F, van de Vorst M, Neveling K, Acker-Palmer A, Kuss AW, Gilissen C, Fischer A, Schulte-Merker S, Felbor U. (2016) FAM222B is not a likely novel candidate gene for cerebral cavernous malformations. Mol Syndrom Jul;7(3):144-52.


Herberich SE*, Klose R*, Moll I, Yang W-J, Wüstehube-Lausch J, Fischer A (2015) ANKS1B interacts with the cerebral cavernous malformation protein-1 and controls endothelial permeability but not sprouting angiogenesis. PLoS One.10(12):e0145304

Yang W-J*, Hu J*, Uemura A, Tetzlaff F, Augustin HG, Fischer A (2015) Semaphorin-3C signals through Neuropilin-1 and PlexinD1 receptors to inhibit pathological angiogenesis. EMBO Mol Med. 7 (10):1267-1284.

Editorial in EMBO Mol Med.

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Klose R*, Berger C*, Moll I, Adam MG, Schwarz F, Mohr K, Augustin HG, Fischer A (2015) Soluble Notch ligand and receptor peptides act antagonistically during angiogenesis. Cardiovasc Res. 107(1):153-163.

Wöltje K*, Jabs M*, Fischer A (2015) Serum induces transcription of Hey1 and Hey2 genes by Alk1 but not Notch signaling in endothelial cells. PLoS One. 10 (3): e0120547.

Schulz GB, Wieland E, Wüstehube-Lausch J, Boulday G, Moll I, Tournier-Lasserve E, Fischer A (2015) Cerebral cavernous malformation-1 protein controls DLL4-Notch3 signaling between the endothelium and pericytes. Stroke. 46(5):1337-1343.


Adam MGBerger C, Feldner A, Yang W-J, Wüstehube-Lausch J, Herberich SE, Pinder M, Gesierich S, Hammes H-P, Augustin HG, Fischer A (2013) Synaptojanin-2 binding protein stabilizes the Notch ligands DLL1 and DLL4 and inhibits sprouting angiogenesis. Circ Res. 113: 1206-1218.

Editorial in Circ Res.

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Among the 10 most read articles published 2013 in Circ Res.

Schaafhausen MK, Yang WJ, Centanin L, Wittbrodt J, Bosserhoff A, Fischer A, Schartl M, Meierjohann S (2013) Tumor angiogenesis is caused by single melanoma cells in a reactive oxygen species and NF-κB dependent manner. J Cell Sci. 126: 3862-3872.


Liebler SSFeldner A, Adam MG, Korff T, Augustin HG, Fischer A (2012) No evidence for a functional role of bi-directional Notch signaling during angiogenesis. PLoS One. 7 (12): e53074.

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Tetzlaff F, Fischer A Control of blood vessel formation by Notch signaling. Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, (in press).

Fischer A and Braga V.M.M. A Notch1 above transcription: flow-dependent regulation of GTPase signalling strengthen endothelial barrier, Current Biol (in press).

Rodriguez Vita J, Tetzlaff F, Fischer A (2017) Notch controls endothelial cells. Oncoscience, Jun 25;4(5-6):45-46.

Rodriguez Vita J, Fischer A (2017) Notch1 induces endothelial senescence and promotes tumor progression. Cell Cycle, May 19;16(10):911-912.

Rodriguez Vita J, Fischer A (2017) Notch signaling facilitates crossing of endothelial barriers by tumor cells. Mol Cell Oncol, Apr 3;4(3):e1311828.


Fischer A. Physiologie Band 6, Herz und Kreislauf, 7. Auflage, MEDI-LEARN Verlag, Marburg.


Fischer A, Zalvide J, Faurobert E, Albiges-Rizo C, Tournier-Lasserve E (2013) Cerebral cavernous malformations: from CCM genes to endothelial cell homeostasis. Trends Mol Med 19 (13): 302-308.


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