NCT Organization & Governance

NCT Organization & Governance

Across locations the NCT has the following governance structure:

The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) supports the NCT strategically on all crucial matters across locations. It advises the management boards, the Joint Steering Committee and the NCT Directorates of Heidelberg and Dresden on all scientific and clinical matters as well as on strategic planning.

The Joint NCT Steering Committee consists of the local steering committees and is responsible for the cross-locational cooperation as well as for decisions concerning the NCT as a whole.

The Local Steering Committees Heidelberg and Dresden supervise the Managing Directotates and define important strategic, staff-related and financial matters of the cooperation as well as the direction of the NCT.

On a local level the governance structure of the Heidelberg and Dresden sites is as follows:

The Managing Directorate participates in the meetings of the local steering committees in an advisory capacity.

The NCT Directorate consists of the four directors who form the Managing Directorate as well as the extended directorate. It runs the NCT on each site and takes care of implementing the strategic measures jointly agreed on in the steering committee meetings.

The Managing Directorate takes on the day-to-day operations and meets on a weekly basis. The extended NCT Directorate meets quarterly.

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