CGCoMPRO – Chilean German Consortium for Medical Physics in Radiation Oncology


The 1st CGCoMPRO matRad programming workshop was held at HCLA.

The project was started with a successfull Kick-Off workshop at HCLA!

The Chilean-German Consortium for Medical Physics (CGCoMPRO) aims at promoting the internationalization of research and reaching in South America, especially in Chile. It coordinates collaborative research between DKFZ and  the Heidelberg Center of Latin America (HCLA), the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (UC), the Clinica Alemana (CA) de Santiago, and the Universidad de la Frontera.

The Heidelberg University has founded the HCLA in Santiago de Chile in 2002, which has been funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) since 2009 as a “Center of Excellence for Research and Teaching”. The HCLA already has existing collaborations with UC, CA, Universidad de Chile and other partners in Latin America, e.g. to the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) in Mexico.  The first joint summer school for medical physics took place in 2003 and since 2012, there is the Double Degree program "Clinical Medical Physics" (CMP) at UC and UHD, which is funded by the DAAD and the German Federal Foreign Office as part of the “Center of Excellence for Research and Teaching”.


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Current research projects coordinated by CGCoMPRO focus on the establishment of German research software, developed mainly at DKFZ, in Chile as a basis for collaborative research projects. This includes
  • a program for the simulation of the radiation reaction of tumors (TRM/TOM),
  • the open-source toolkit matRad for dose calculation and treatment planning for radiation therapy,
  • and the open-source image processing platform MITK (Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit)

Detailed project descriptions:


Workshop Participants more

Participants of the first joint workshop in 2018 at the HCLA

Since the beginning of the CGCoMPRO project in October 2017, a regular exchange was established with official CGCoMPRO workshops.

  • On April 9, 2018, the CGCoMPRO Kickoff workshop was held.
  • The 1st CGCoMPRO matRad programming workshop from November 26 to November 30 brought together expertise from Heidelberg, Santiago and Medellin for matRad development. See here for some Chilean-German press coverage.

The next workshops and status meetings are planned for April 2019.

Funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (FMER)


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