Pediatric Targeted Therapy

Immunohistochemistry of histone deacetylase in medulloblastoma tissue (histone deacetylase: pink color, cell nucleus: blue color).

The improved understanding of underlying mechanisms in tumor development open up new venues for targeted therapies using novel substances. Most tumor cells harbour more than one tumor-propagating change, therefore a strategy employing several targeted therapies seems appropriate as well as very promising

„Pediatric Targeted Therapy 2.0“ (PTT2.0) is part of our diagnostic platform, that aim to aid the establishment of an accurate diagnosis and a respective treatment decision. You can find out here, whether your case qualifies for PTT2.0.

PTT2.0 is a joint venture of several groups in Heidelberg that started with the purpose to identify drugable molecular targets in tumors in single cases. To that aim, we puse araffin-embedded tissue (FFPE)  and blood to analyze the presence and function of certain structures, that can be blocked in a specific manner in experimental treatment settings. We use immunohistochemistry, targeted "next-generation sequencing", and genome-wide methylation arrays.

These analyses will be accompanied by a clinical study, which currently being evaluated by the ethics committee of the Medical Faculty Heidelberg.

If you are interested, please contact the coordinator of the study Dr. Jonas Ecker ( or the principal investigator PD Dr. Till Milde ( All request forms for the request of PTT2.0 analyses can be found here.

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