WHO Collaborating Centers

WHO Collaborating Centers

At the German Cancer Research Center, there is currently one collaborating center of the World Health Organization (WHO). A national institution designated a collaboration center becomes part of an international collaborative network carrying out activities in support of WHO’s mandate for international health work and its program priorities.

Designated for up to four years, WHO collaborating centers play a strategic role by carrying out one or several of the following functions:

  • collection and dissemination of information
  • standardization of terminology and nomenclature, of technology, of diagnostic, therapeutic and prophylactic substances, and of methods and procedures
  • development, application and evaluation of appropriate technology
  • provision of reference substances and of services such as quality assurance
  • participation in collaborative research developed under WHO’s leadership, including the planning, conduct, monitoring and evaluation of research, and the promotion of the application of its results
  • education and training, including research training
  • coordination of activities carried out by several institutions on a given subject
  • provision of information and advice on scientific, technical and policy issues

WHO Collaborating Centers at DKFZ

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