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Medical Physics 1

COURSE START DATE November 3rd, 2020 
Online information for the course:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 896 6876 3762
Passcode: MedPhys1

Course starts 4.15pm, every Tuesday and Thursday Until end of February 2021.

January CT LESSONS ZOOM Link (Prof Kachelrieß)
Meeting-ID: 864 5516 8838
Passcode: MedPhys1CT


This course gives a comprehensive introduction to cancer therapy using charged particle radiation such as protons and carbon ions. Topics of the course are

  • Basics in Radiation Therapy
  • Units and Radiation Quantities
  • Radiation Dosimetry
  • Photon, Electron and Ion Interactions
  • Charged Particle Equilibrium and Cavity Theory
  • Dosimeters and In-vivo Dosimetry methods
  • Radiation Chemistry
  • "Target" or "Ballistic" Models
  • Sub-Lesion and Repair Models
  • LET/RBE variability with Radiation Types
  • Internal Sources of Radiation and Radioactivity
  • External Sources of Radiation – Linac, Cyclotron
  • Beam Modulation Methods – MLC, Wedges
  • Pencil Beam Scanning Methods for photons and ion beams
  • Treatment Planning in General
  • CT-Based Treatment Planning
  • Dose Calculation Methods
  • X-ray and CT Imaging


1) Faiz Khan "The physics of radiation therapy"

2) Peter Metcalfe "The physics of radiotherapy X-rays and Electrons"

3) Ervin Podgorsak "Radiation Oncology Physics" IAEA Handbook

4) Frank Attix "Introduction to radiological physics and radiation dosimetry"


Medical Physics 1 - Course Structure


Course Lectures Medical Physics 1

Medical Physics 3

Lecture with exercises

Language English
Credit points 6
Workload 180 h

Numerical techniques for computational medical physics: (Nov-Dec)

• solving systems of linear equations
• interpolation and approximation, numerical integration
• linear time invariant systems
• optimization (local, global)
• solving differential equations
• Monte Carlo simulation
• Markov Chain Monte Carlo

Data Processing (Final week Dec)

• outlook for image analysis
• outlook inverse problems
• outlook volume visualization
• outlook simulation techniques in medicine

Applications of computational medical physics: (Jan-Feb)

• inverse treatment planning (IMRT, 3DCRT,etc)
• radiation biology modeling
• image reconstruction
• Monte Carlo application to Radiotherapy (MCBook Seco&Verhaegen)



The Physics of Charged Particle Therapy (PCPT)

COURSE START DATE April 19th, 2021

Zoom information for the ONLINE course:

Course starts 4pm, every Monday Until end of July.

If Zoom Link Does not work please use 

Meeting ID: 824 0036 1982
Passcode: 0123456789

 This course gives a comprehensive introduction to cancer therapy using charged particle radiation such as protons and carbon ions. Topics of the course are

  • Basics of radiation therapy
  • Production of therapeutic charged particle beams and beam application systems
  • Interactions of charged particles with matter
  • Dose calculation algorithms
  • Radiobiology of charged particles
  • Patient-specific optimization of charged particle therapy
  • Clinical application and evidence

 Literature: DeLaney & Kooy: Proton and charged particle radiotherapy (this book is available online for the students)



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