Joint Immunotherapeutics Laboratory

Scientists from the DKFZ and from Bayer working bench-to-bench

In 2013, the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) and Bayer HealthCare (Bayer) extended their successful strategic research alliance in search of novel cancer therapeutics by a new focus on immune-oncology and a joint laboratory.
The joint lab is located at DKFZ, and scientists from the DKFZ and from Bayer work bench-to-bench in mixed teams to develop novel treatment options in the area of immune-oncology. The joint lab is managed by a Scientific Head, an Associate Head, and two joint DKFZ-Bayer Committees.
The partners jointly invest up to €2.5 million per year, in projects in the field of immunotherapy on the base of established structures of their existing collaboration. This includes joint review processes of individual projects and decisions on resource allocation. The joint laboratory accommodates a mixed DKFZ-Bayer team of up to 12 staff members (scientists and technicians) and works on a portfolio of 4-7 projects at a time. The rights to the research results are shared equally between the partners.
For questions, please contact the DKFZ-Bayer Alliance Manager.


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