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Activities of the DKFZ Executive Women's Initiative since its inception

  1. Founding document,
    adopted on 30.09.2011 by the Executive Women's Initiative
  2. Adoption of the DKFZ-POLICY for representation at conferences and lecture series at the DKFZ (25.11.2011)
    It was proposed that:
    a.  more women shall be considered for lectures and conferences (per conference at least 25% female or male speakers should be represented)
    b.  this Directive was approved by the DKFZ management board in November 2012
  3. Visit of B. Brumme-Bothe - Assistant Secretary of the BMBF, Dept. Life Sciences Research for Health
  4. Organization of a panel discussion for young scientists entitled
     "How to succeed as a woman in science - questions you have and never dared to ask"
    a.  Hosted on 25.04.2012 with 200 participants
    b.  Panelists:
        Dr. S. Seltmann (Head of Press Office)
        Dr. R. Herzog (Head of Office of Technology Transfer)
        Dr. S. Weg-Remers (Head of the Staff Unit Strategy and Programs)
        Prof. C. Ulrich (NCT Director, Head of Division "Preventive Oncology")
        Prof. H. Allgayer (Head of Division "Molecular Oncology of Solid tumor")
        Prof. U. Klingmüller (Head of Division "Systems Biology of Signal Transduction")
        Prof. L. Gissmann (Head of Division "Genome Modifications and Carcinogenesis")
        Dr. K. Greulich-Bode (Equal Opportunities Representative)
        Dr. Caudron-Herger (Postdoc Network Coordinator)
    c.  More than 200 participants
    d.  Survey of the needs of young female scientists
    e.  Establishment of a mentoring group
    f.  Review of various policies at the DKFZ
  5. Mildred Scheel Lectureship - Opening Ceremony on 11.05.2012 in the foyer of the NCT
    The Mildred Scheel Lectureship was established in honor of the founder of the German Cancer Aid - Dr. Mildred Scheel - to distinguish outstanding, internationally renowned female cancer researchers. Furthermore, it shall provide role models for young cancer researchers.
    a.  Lecture by Prof. L. Coussens (Hildegard Lamfrom Chair in Basic Science, Oregon Health Sciences University) entitled "Inflammation, Tumor Microenvironment and Cancer"
    b.  More than 300 participants
  6. Round Table Meeting mit Prof. Otmar Wiestler, Wissenschaftlicher Stiftungsvorstand und Vorstandsvorsitzender des DKFZ (18.04.2013)
    a.  discussion about career paths and goals of women
  7. Interactive talk: Dr. Peter Modler "Communication Man-Woman in the research context - how do we get from power-play to cooperation?" (11.02.2014)
  8. Round Table Meeting with Prof. Varda Rotter (17.06. 2014)
  9. Round Table Meeting with Prof. Laurence Zitvogel (23.07.2014)
  10. Strategyworkshop (23.11.2014 & 12.03.2015)
  11. Conference: Frontiers in Cancer Research (FCR) (09. - 11.10.2018)
  12. Career Talk with Edith Heard: "Living with Two X-Chromosomes", on making a career in science as a woman. (08.03.22)

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