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Major Research Topics

  • Epigenetic characterization of major malignancies, including leukemias as well as lung, breast and prostate cancer
  • Genome-wide screens for the identification of aberrant DNA methylation
  • Characterization of genes identified as epigenetic targets
  • Mechanisms of epigenetic gene regulation
  • Development of mouse models relevant for epigenetic studies
  • Development of novel biomarkers relevant for early diagnosis, treatment response and therapy resistance

Epigenetics and cancer: turning genes on and off

Epigenetik und Krebs: Vom Einschalten und Ausschalten der Gene






Lecture by Prof. Dr. Christoph Plass, German Cancer Research Center, as part of the lecture series "Krebsforschung aktuell" on Feb. 21, 2014 (in German)

Link to youtube

Selected references

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