Courses and Careers

A combined practical and theoretical training program for technical and scientific personnel in the use of animals for experimental purposes is provided twice per year. It consists of 20 hours theory and 20 hours practical. In addition, this course is also registered and certified by the GV-SOLAS. It is also open to persons from other scientific institutes. For information on this course application should be made to the DKFZ training department.

The Central Animal Facility has a well established and recognised training program for students wishing to pursue a career as an Animal Care-Taker. This is a 3 year course which is run in conjunction with a local technical school. Many aspects of laboratory animal care are covered such as housing for animals, health, genetics, species data, breeding, experimental procedures and legal requirements. For information on this training program application should be made to the training department.


Ramona Henrich: 06221 42-2189

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