2012 Pichl

An awful bus ride on December 9, followed by an exciting school in Pichl

The 5th German-Israeli Cancer Research School took place in Pichl, Austria, from December 9 to December 13, 2012

Fourteen speakers (from Israel, Germany, England, France, and Switzerland) addressed the school, which was attended by 20 participants (11 participants from Israel and 9 from Germany).

Prof. Ari Elson and Prof. Stephan Herzig were responsible for the Scientific Program of this School, which was organized by Prof. Varda Rotter/Dr. Ahmi Ben-Yehudah and Prof. Wolfhard Semmler, who is now replaced by Prof. Peter Angel.

The topic of the school was “Metabolism and Cancer”. The speakers highlighted recent advances in common signalling nodes between normal cells, discussed the recently established risk connection between metabolic dysfunction and cancer, and presented novel therapeutic approaches in this area of biomedicine.

The scientific presentations were followed by lively discussions with many questions from the attending students and Post-Docs. Despite the diverse scientific background of the audience, everybody gained many new insights and extended her/his horizon. During the poster session, Livnat Jerby, Dr. Christian Quack and Dr. Martje Tönjes were awarded with 300 Euro each for their excellent posters.

From the participants feedback it was clear that the expectations of the school were fully realised. It was unfortunate that the horse sledging had to be cancelled due to the heavy snowfall and icy roads, however this did not stop the school from being a great success.

Future events

The 6th German-Israeli Cancer Research School will be held in Israel, probably in November 2013, with the topic: “Novel preclinical mouse models of human cancer”.

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