E0405 Medical Engineering

Group leader: Gernot Echner

The medical engineering workgroup is mainly a service group for the department of medical physics.
In cooperation with our workshop and external companies ideas become 3d-CAD-constructions, drawings and in the end prototypes of medical devices, especially in the sectors stereotactical equipment, collimators, patient immobilization aids and anthropomorphic elastic phantoms. Furthermore medical devices - developed at the DKFZ - have to be tested and quality assured. Therefore we design and build testing sets and phantoms which allow routinely controlling.
As high quality standards for radiation therapy at DKFZ demand controlling of the machines  beyond standard requirements individual phantoms have to be built, designed and developed in the workgroup.

Figure: Prototyp of a double-stage iris collimator
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Many developments such as manually and motor driven multi-leaf-collimators have been licensed and are in use in different clinics. A special design of a double-stage iris collimator which has been patented was licensed and is used in radiation therapy in combination with a special linac since 2008.

From CT-data to anthropomorphic 3D-hollow model
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To create various phantom models different manufacturing processes are used, such as milling, drilling, casting and 3d-printing.
Based  on CT or 3d-scanner data anthropomorphic models are generated. After modification via software these models are printed with a 3d-printer.
With the aid of 3d-printed casting molds elastic phantoms made of silicone can be fabricated. These phantoms can be used for research and gel-dosimetry.

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In cooperation with the department of radiotherapy a MRI-Linac-Shuttle system was developed, including positioning aids and a stereotactic localization system.

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