Corporate donation initiatives

Corporate donation initiatives

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Do you place a value on social engagement in your company? If that’s the case express your social responsibility by supporting cancer research! There are numerous possibilities to support the German Cancer Research Center. Please contact us if you have any questions. We will gladly support you in the realization of your individual idea or we will help you to develop actions to actively support cancer research, ideally with the collaboration of your employees.

Your contact person

Elisabeth Hohensee

Office of Development
German Cancer Research Center
Phone: +49 6221 42-2848

Below, you will find examples of how companies have supported cancer research with their donations. In our donor gallery you can also learn about fundraising activities in support of the German Cancer Research Center.
Come and join us! We are very happy if your company supports the German Cancer Research Center.

Setting a good example – enterprise initiatives for cancer research

Charity actions for a good cause

The entire staff of 24 employees as well as the business partners of SEGRO Germany GmbH participated in a variety of charity actions under the banner of the fight against cancer. Every other year all SEGRO offices think up small and large activities for a good cause. In addition to the betting action "guess the gender and weight of the baby", when employees were expecting a child, a multi-national betting pool was set up for the European Soccer Championship. The largest campaign was the participation in the Dam-tot-Dam-Loop – a street- and community run in Amsterdam. “Overall we collected 8,465.50 EUR for cancer research – ultimately we will all profit from intensified research,” says Ricarda Schlebusch, Office Manager of the Düsseldorf regional offices of SEGRO. Supporting business partners: TektoPlan; Advertising Agency Schumann-Thielen; Real Estate Agency Dieter Janzen; Project Managing Company GFP.

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