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PhD Council

The PhD Council is a team of six doctoral researcher representatives from the DKFZ. Members of the PhD Council are elected by all DKFZ doctoral researchers in October/November of every year.

The main responsibilities of the PhD Council are:

  1. Representing the DKFZ doctoral researcher community and our common interests and rights;
  2. Acting as the official liaison between the Doctoral Researchers community and the administrative and scientific executive boards;
  3. Coordinating the PhD Teams (see more under "PhD initiatives") to support various activities for doctoral researchers, including the PhD retreat, social events and parties, welcome the newcomers and engage with the DKFZ in communication.

We also aim at fostering scientific and social interaction not only among the ~ 550 doctoral researchers at the DKFZ but also with other institutes in Heidelberg and other Helmholtz centres all over Germany (check Helmholtz Juniors webpage).

This would not be possible without our very active and dedicated PhD Teams! If you would like to join us in our initiatives or at any time you think working conditions or education can be improved, let us know by sending an email to

PhD Council 2024

The PhD Council 2024, left to right: Sunidhi, Cova, Zuzanna, Liesa-Marie, Idris, Hannah

  • Sunidhi
  • Covadonga Castellanos González
  • Zuzanna Anna Kolodynska
  • Liesa-Marie Pilger
  • Idris Ola
  • Hannah Hiu Nam Chow

PhD Council 2023

The PhD Council 2023, left to right: Pelin, Beatrice, Alena, Peter, Tafirenyika, Martha

  • Pelin Ünal
  • Beatrice Casati
  • Alena Laier
  • Peter Macsek
  • Tafirenyika Gwenzi
  • Martha Carreño-Gonzalez

PhD Council 2022

The PhD Council 2022, left to right: Nooraldeen, Shivohum, Agnieszka, Simay, Nina, Francisco

  • Nooraldeen Tarade
  • Shivohum Bahuguna
  • Agnieszka Seretny
  • Simay Ayhan
  • Nina Decker
  • Francisco Yanqui Rivera

PhD Council 2020/2021

The PhD Council 2020/2021, left to right: Mirian, Susana, Karim, Vivien, Yassin, Dina

  • Mirian Fernández-Vaquero
  • Susana Granados Castilla
  • Karim Aljakouch
  • Vivien Ionasz
  • Yassin Harim
  • Dina ElHarouni

The PhD Council 2019/2020

The PhD Council 2019/2020, left to right: Catarina, Isabela, Paula, Pavle, Pengbo, Damian

  • Catarina da Silva Pechincha
  • Isabela Paredes-Cisneros
  • Paula Argos Velez
  • Pavle Boskovic
  • Pengbo Beck
  • Damian Carvajal Ibanez

The PhD Council 2018/2019

The PhD Council 2018/2019, left to right: Sonja, Michael, Khwab, Samantha, Shub and Oguzhan

  • Michael Bonadonna
  • Oguzhan Kaya
  • Sonja Krausert
  • Khwab Sanghvi
  • Shub Sood
  • Samantha Zottnick

The PhD Council 2017/2018

The PhD Council 2017/2018, left to right: Ginny, Maria, Florian, Michael, Lucie

  • Lucie Wolf
  • Gintvile Valinciute
  • Maria Bonsack
  • Florian Köhler
  • Michael Persicke

The PhD Council 2016/2017

Being on the Council is awesome.

The PhD Council 2016/2017, left to right: Manasi, Britta, Lucie, Felix, Isa, Jacqueline.

  • Britta Ismer
  • Felix Frauhammer
  • Isabelle Everlien
  • Jacqueline Taylor
  • Lucie Wolf
  • Manasi Ratnaparkhe

The PhD Council 2015/2016

The PhD Council 2015/2016 members (front: Azer, Juliane, Sara; back: Antonino, Sebastian, Mahak)

  • Antonino A. Pane
  • Azer Aylin Acikgöz
  • Juliane Hafermann
  • Mahak Singhal
  • Sara Ciprut
  • Sebastian Kruse

The PhD Council 2012

The PhD Council 2012 members (from left to right: Aoife Gahlawat, Nao Iwamoto, Nisit Khandelwal, Alex Migdol, Dharanija Madhavan, Ansam Sinjab)

  • Aoife Gahlawat
  • Nao Iwamoto
  • Nisit Khandelwal
  • Alex Migdol
  • Dharanija Madhavan
  • Ansam Sinjab

The PhD Council 2009


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