PhD Council

The PhD student council is elected every year by the entire PhD community and consists of six members. Our main tasks are:

  • to represent the DKFZ PhD community and our common interests, e.g. in front of the Management Board and the Graduate School. Let us know anytime where you think working conditions or education can be improved - shoot us an email today!
  • we organize parties, gatherings, conferences, scientific events, and more. This would not be possible without our fellow pro-active PhDs that join the organization teams - let us know if you want to be one of them!
  • bring the ~ 550 PhDs together for both science and fun, be it within DKFZ, with other institutes in Heidelberg or other Helmholtz centres all over Germany. For the latter, we work together with the Helmholtz Juniors.

The current PhD Council

Being on the council is awesome.

The PhD Council, left to right: Manasi, Britta, Lucie, Felix, Isa, Jacqueline.

We were elected in November 2016 and are of different nationalities, departments, DKFZ buildings and stages of our PhDs. This is us:

  • Britta Ismer
  • Felix Frauhammer
  • Isabelle Everlien
  • Jacqueline Taylor
  • Lucie Wolf
  • Manasi Ratnaparkhe


Hope to see you around the institute!

The previous PhD Student Council (2015/2016)

The PhD Student Council 2015/2016 members (front: Azer, Juliane, Sara; back: Antonino, Sebastian, Mahak)

  • Antonino A. Pane
  • Azer Aylin Acikgöz
  • Juliane Hafermann
  • Mahak Singhal
  • Sara Ciprut
  • Sebastian Kruse

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