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Department and Group Head

Prof. Dr. Dirk Jäger

Head of the CCU Applied Tumor Immunity Unit and the Applied Tumor Immunity Group (DKFZ)

Director of the Medical Oncology Department, Heidelberg University Medical Center (UKHD)

Director of the National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT) Heidelberg

Head of 'Tumor Immunology' and Head of NCT Program 'Immunotherapy', NCT Heidelberg


Research Associates

 Liam Bartels

Position: Researcher

Area of expertise: Computational pathology, Machine learning, Medical sample imaging



Eren Boga

Position: PhD Student

Title: „Generation of a cellular CAR library for rapid identification of antigen-specific, functional CAR constructs"



Daniel Browne (UKHD)

Position: IT System Administrator



Pornpimol Charoentong, PhD (UKHD)

Position: Senior Research Associate, Bioinformatician

Area of expertise: Genomics and Bioinformatics, Computational System Biology, Biostatistics, Management of biological databases



 Sarah Glenz

Position: PhD Student

Title: "Structural and functional consequences of AAV capsid engineering"



Bénédicte Lenoir, PhD

Position: Senior Research Associate, project coordinator "NCT TME Unit"

Area of expertise: Immunohistology, image analysis, project management



Yanhong Lyu, PhD

Position: Postdoc, Bioinformatician

Area of expertise: Bioinformatics, Genomics



 Marten Meyer, PhD (UKHD/DKFZ)

Position: Senior Research Associate

Area of expertise: translational research, TCR discovery, recombinant protein production



Julia Pollmann, PhD (UKHD)

Position: Senior Research Associate

Area of expertise: Innate Immunity, Immuno-oncology, chronic viral infections



 Ferdinand Popp

Position: Research Associate

Area of Expertise: Cancer and Molecular Biology, Multi-omics and clinical data analysis, Machine learning & Data Science



Maria Paula Roberti, PhD

Position: Senior Research Associate, Deputy Head of the CCU Applied Tumor Immunity

Area of expertise: Immunotherapy, Translational Research, Gut microbiota and immunity



Alexander Rölle, PhD (UKHD)

Position: Senior Research Associate

Area of expertise: Innate Immunity, Cellular Immunology, Tumor Microenvironment



Patrick Schmidt, PhD (UKHD/DKFZ)

Position: Senior Research Associate, Team leader "Cellular therapies"

Area of expertise: Cellular therapy, CAR T cells, TCR T cells



Silke Uhrig-Schmidt, PhD

Position: Senior Research Associate, Equal opportunities and diversity officer

Area of expertise: AAV capsid design, cancer vaccination, gene and cell therapy



 Katharina von Werthern

Position: Master Student


Heiko Weyd, PhD

Position: Senior Research Associate

Area of expertise: Immunology, Antibodies, Apoptosis, T cells, Tolerance



Nektarios Valous, PhD

Position: Senior Research Associate

Area of expertise: Computational image processing, computational biomedicine, interdisciplinary physics



Inka Zörnig, PhD (UKHD)

Position: Senior Research Associate, Project coordination and lab head

Area of expertise: translational research, biomarker discovery, immunotherapy




Technical Assistance

Selina Börsig (DKFZ/UKHD)

Martina Busacker-Scharpff (UKHD)

Veronika Geißler (UKHD)

Isabella Gosch (UKHD)

Petra Hill (UKHD)

Iris Kaiser (UKHD)

Annette Köster (UKHD)

Alexandra Krauthoff

Claudia Luckner-Minden (UKHD)

Claudia Tessmer

Alexandra Tuch

Nina Wilhelm

Claudia Ziegelmeier (UKHD)

Team Assistance

Marion Drechsel


Former Members

Dr. Aileen Berger

Dr. Julia Bitzer

Dr. Lasse Neukirch

Dr. Rodrigo Moraleda

Dr. Zeynep Koşaloğlu-Yalçın

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