The administrative departments continuously update their services and adapt them to the ever-changing demands of the world of science. They advise and support the scientists at the DKFZ and offer problem-oriented solutions.

The administration offers its services in the administrative areas:

Grants Office

With the fields: Project sponsorship, committees

Human Resources

With the areas: Personnel service, travel expenses, visiting scientists, guest houses, training

Finance and Accounting department

With the areas: Financial accounting, budgetary management / taxes, cost and activity accounting / budgeting, central auditing, fixed asset accounting / special asset

Procurement / Materials Management

With the areas: Purchasing of investment goods / services (including instrument management), purchasing consumables (including customs), coordination e.biss, materials management, commercial IT and Casino

Technical Infrastructure

With the areas: assembly, heating-, climate-, ventilation-, and sanitation technology, electrical engineering, facility management (with mail and security services, cleaning, motor pool, and waste disposal) and commercial processing

Infrastructure Projects and Operations Management

Technology Transfer


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