Information on the processing of supplier data in purchasing, the technical infrastructure and in the finance and accounting department

In the procurement process and in the invoice processing process, suppliers use data relating to the persons working on the supplier side. These are usually designated as employees in sales or distribution, as sales representatives, as drafters of quotations or as contact persons. Data from the supplier's financial accounting department is also used. This data is the following:

  • Name and surname
  • Academic title
  • Supplier's telephone number
  • Supplier’s fax number
  • Supplier's e-mail address
  • Company address incl. branch / office.

The storage and processing of this data and its transfer to other parties or persons involved in the procurement process are also imperative in terms of ensuring a smooth, orderly, economic and fast order process and equally correct delivery of the goods and services ordered. They are also required for carrying out further procurement measures with the supplier concerned.

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