Welcome & Get-Together Group


Welcome new postdocs and give them useful information about life in Heidelberg & work at DKFZ

Encourage networking & exchange of ideas by organizing monthly get-together events for postdocs from DKFZ & also other institutes in Heidelberg.

If you are interested, please sign up to the PostDoc mailing list ( PDN@dkfz.de ) by emailing Doris, so that you can get the invitation for future get-together events and other relevant information. And please spread the work especially among new postdocs in your group.

Running Group

The running group offers PostDocs the possibility to get to know each other and connect by running together. Runners of every level are welcome to join.

Usually, we choose between alternative tracks along the Neckar or the Philosophenweg and run for about 1 hour. If the group will be large enough and some of the participants favor a shorter track, we will split to a subgroup running for about 40 minutes and a subgroup running the long track.

Meeting point: Thursdays 6:00pm in front of the DKFZ main entrance.

Sign up - Do it!

Contact Person: Stefan Kallenberger, s.kallenberger@dkfz-heidelberg.de, phone: 54-51308, office: BioQuant R. 363

If you want to be included in the mailing list to receive weekly reminders or updates for the next meetups, please write Stefan an email.

We’re looking forward to you joining the meetup!

Previous Events

Barbara Costa
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Barbara Costa is organizing the welcome & get-together events. Look out for her emails!

Recent events:

  • September 2017: Dinner at Restaurant Timanga in Planckstadt
  • August 2017: BBQ on the Neckarwiese
  • June 2017: Annual celebration of neighborhood Handschuhsheim - Hendsemer Kerwe
  • May 2017: Historical guided tour of the Heidelberg old town
  • April 2017: Italian Dinner at Carosello
  • March 2017: Thai Dinner at Bay Jok
  • February 2017: Turkish Dinner at Alte Gundtei
  • January 2017: Ice skating at the Eishalle Wiesloch
  • December 2016: Heidelberg Christmas Market
  • November 2016: International dinner at the DKFZ (prepared by postdocs)
  • October 2016: Bowling at Firebowl
  • September 2016: Dinner at Merlin
  • July 2016: BBQ on the Neckarwiese
  • June 2016: Football match live stream (Germany vs. Poland) at Urban kitchen
  • April 2016: Italian Dinner at Carosello
  • March 2016: BBQ at DKFZ
  • February 2016: Bowling at Firebowl
  • January 2016: Dinner at Schnitzelhaus Alte Münz
  • November 2015: Heidelberg Christmas Market
  • October 2015: Dinner at La Locanda
  • September 2015: BBQ at DKFZ
  • July 2015: Swimming in the Thermalbad and dinner/drinks at Merlin

Previous events (organized by Hadeel Khallouf):

  • June 2015: International Picnic/BBQ on the Neckarwiese
  • June 2015: Hendsemer Kerwe
  • April 2015: Dinner at Brauhaus Vetter
  • March 2015: French dinner at Tati
  • February 2015: Lasertag at world of laser in Eppellheim followed by Middle-Eastern dinner
  • January 2015: German dinner at Gilbert's Goldener Adler restaurant
  • December 2014: Feuerzangenbowle at Heidelberger Christmas Market/Weihnachtsmarkt
  • November 2014: Heidelberger Christmas Market/Weihnachtsmarkt
  • October 2014: Korean dinner at Soban
  • September 2014: Sushi at Schultes
  • July 2015: BBQ on the Neckarwiese
  • June 2014: Handschuhsheimer Kerwe (traditional German festival)
  • May 2014: German dinner at Palmbräugasse
  • April 2014: Middle-Eastern dinner (falafel)
  • March 2014: International dinner prepared by postdocs

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