Corporate Health Program

Corporate Health Program (BGM)

The members of our staff are the most important resource for the success of the German Cancer Research Center! Their health and wellbeing are the basis of their motivation, their ability to perform and their commitment. DKFZ aktiv!, the Corporate Health Program (BGM) of the DKFZ commits itself to preserve all of them in the long run.

In a highly complex area of science such as cancer research, requirements are high. The compatibility of private life with working life is often challenged. As our members of the staff spend a large part of their time at work, it is of great concern to the DKFZ to provide everyone a healthy working environment – hence the framework conditions, structures, and processes. At the same time, our staff should be given the possibility to develop a self-determined healthy behavior.

Therefore, DKFZ aktiv! provides a broad spectrum of offers with regards to the behavior and the conditions. This includes counseling services, activity and relaxation programs, prevention measures and further education regarding health. For that reason, a coordinated team-work between the Management, HR, Staff Council, Staff Medical Service, Safety Unit, Science, Cancer Prevention Unit, and further units of the DKFZ has been established. With our external partners, the Institute of Sports and Sports Science (Institut für Sport und Sportwissenschaft ISSW) of the University of Heidelberg and the Techniker Krankenkasse, we have strong and very experienced partners at our side.

In case of questions please contact our BGM-Coordinator Gabriele Schulze-König at

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