Seminar "Bioinformatics at the DKFZ"

Location: Computer lab, 5th floor, IPMB building

Date: 6.-8. March 2019, 9 am - 5 pm

Contact: Lars Feuerbach

The divisions of Applied Bioinformatics and the ODCF host the 3 days preparatory course "Bioinformatics at the DKFZ" from 6th to 8th of March. The Course will introduce students to the computational infrastructure at the DKFZ, and teach the essential skills required for internships, thesis projects or student assistant jobs in one of the institutes bioinformatics groups. Successful participation will be awarded with 3 credit points and considered favorably in the application process to any of these. Three afternoon sessions are dedicated to programming crash courses in Python, R and Bash/Shell.

Covered Topics

- Distributed computing - efficient usage of computer clusters

- Software repositories - long-term reproducibility and rerunablility

- Bash, Shell and Python - essentials and tricks

- Shared IT infrastructure - Do's and don'ts

- IGV - application and interpretation of NGS-Data Browser output


5th early-stage researchers Next-Generation Sequencing Symposium 2017

23. - 24. October 2017 – DKFZ Communication Center Heidelberg


This meeting brings together young researchers that have hands-on experience with Next-Generation Sequencing data analysis or are about to enter the field. It provides a platform to discuss state-of-the-art software pipelines, quality control protocols and common pitfalls in sequencing analysis with scientists that represent the cutting-edge of sequencing-driven biomedical research. The symposium primarily addresses PhD-students, postgraduates and technicians.

Program Day 1


Program Day 2


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