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Research Group Cancer Survivorship

Prof. Dr. Volker Arndt


According to recent estimates, 52% of men and about 45% of women develop cancer during their lifetime. Fortunately, the long-term survival rates for most cancers have improved significantly over the last few decades. It is estimated that there are currently around 5 million men and women living with or beyond cancer in Germany. Over 60% of these are long-term survivors, i.e. individuals who survived 5 or more years after the diagnosis of cancer.

Cancer is now considered a chronic disease and it can still affect an individual’s life over years. Many survivors continue to experience negative effects of cancer and/or treatment on their daily lives well beyond the completion of therapy. Complications compromising quality of life in cancer survivors cover physical, social, emotional, and economic dimensions. While there is a growing body of literature on the difficulties of cancer survivors during the early years past diagnosis, little is known regarding the situation in long-term survivors. As long-term survival has become a realistic perspective, addressing health aspects relevant for long-term cancer survivors will become more and more important during the next years. The AG Cancer Survivorship was established in March 2016 and is associated with the Department of Clinical Epidemiology and Aging Research. Our research focuses on the short- and long-term physical, psychological, social, and economic consequences of cancer and its treatment among cancer survivors and their families.


Prof. Dr. Volker Arndt
Cancer Survivorship (C071)
Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum
Im Neuenheimer Feld 581
69120 Heidelberg
Tel: +49 06221 42-2401

Selected Publications

  • Arndt V, Koch-Gallenkamp L, Bertram H, Eberle A, Holleczek B, Pritzkuleit R, Waldeyer-Sauerland M, Waldmann A, Zeissig SR, Doege D, Thong MSY, Brenner H. Return to work after cancer. A multi-regional population-based study from Germany. Acta Oncol. 2019; 58(5):811:818,
  • Doege D, Thong MSY, Koch-Gallenkamp L, Bertram H, Eberle A, Holleczek B, Waldeyer-Sauerland M, Waldmann A, Zeissig SR, Brenner H, Arndt V. The role of psychosocial resources for long-term breast, colorectal, and prostate cancer survivors: prevalence and associations with health-related quality of life. Support Care Cancer 2019;27(1):275-286.
  • Thong MSY, Wolschon E-M, Koch-Gallenkamp L, Waldmann A, Waldeyer-Sauerland M, Pritzkuleit R, Bertram H, Kajüter H, Eberle A, Holleczek B, Zeissig SR, Brenner H, Arndt V. “Still a Cancer Patient”—Associations of Cancer Identity With Patient-Reported Outcomes and Health Care Use Among Cancer Survivors. JNCI Cancer Spectrum 2018;2(2).
  • Arndt V, Koch-Gallenkamp L, Jansen L, Bertram H, Eberle A, Holleczek B, Schmid-Hopfner S, Waldmann A, Zeissig SR, Brenner H. Quality of life in long-term and very long-term cancer survivors versus population controls in Germany. Acta Oncol 2017;56(2):190-197.
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