Development of prognostic and predictive markers and signatures to meet clinical needs

Dr. Marc Zapatka

The bioinformatics team develops and applies methods and algorithms for the analysis of molecular genetics data. Currently the main focus is the understanding of biological processes in the context of clinical applications through the analysis of high throughput sequencing data. We are mainly analyzing the genome using small RNA, RNA, exome and whole genome sequencing and the epigenome using ChIP-Sequencing and whole genome bisulfite sequencing. In addition we make use of gene expression microarrays and especially methylation arrays for the classification of patients.

Research Interests

The main focus of the bioinformatics team is to improve and apply methods to interpret high throughput data from microarrays or next generation sequencing. In the context of several projects we work on the following aspects:

  • Identification of prognostic and predictive signatures for the stratification of patients  based on high dimensional data to improve treatment decisions
  • Understanding of tumor development and clonal evolution based on epigenetic and genomic changes
  • Identification of  specific therapeutic targets in the context of CLL



Dr. Marc Zapatka
Team Leader
Tel.: +49-6221-42-4584
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