Inheritance and bequest – frequently asked questions

A will makes sense when you wish to deviate from the statutory succession, e.g. if it is your intention to support a charitable institution such as the German Cancer Research Center.
If there are no legal heirs and you have not made other arrangements in your will, your belongings will pass to the state.
If the will is not notarized, it is necessary that the entire document be written by hand and signed. The will should include your full name, date of birth and address.
Please also provide the full name and address of any heirs or beneficiaries you have appointed. For the chronological classification of the will, it is helpful to include place and date when signing.
If your life circumstances have changed and you would like to alter the provisions, you can simply make out a new will. In the case of a joint will, there are special factors you should take into account.
You can find more detailed information in our brochure (German only).
That is not necessary, but it is recommended, particularly with large assets, such as real estate.
When making out your will, you regulate everything that will happen to your assets after your death. Therefore, the wording of your will must be made with care and deliberation. To reassure you, we are happy to assist you by providing general information related to inheritance free of charge.
We are also happy to answer your questions by e-mail ( or by telephone (+49 6221 42-2626).
We are very pleased if you support our research, e.g. with a donation for cancer research at DKFZ. Learn more about donations to DKFZ.
The German Cancer Center is a foundation under public law and recognized as a non-profit organization. This exempts DKFZ from any tax payments. Your estate will benefit cancer research at DKFZ in its entirety.

Your contact person

Martin Schmidt
Tel.: +49 6221 42-2624

You also can contact us personally if you would like to include the German Cancer Research Center in your will. We will be happy to assist you.

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