Conceptually Novel Anti-Hypoxia-A2A-Adenosinergic Co-adjuvants to Enable Tumor Rejection by Current Immunotherapies of Cancer

Michail Sitkovsky - Northeastern University

May 03, 2016
Main Auditorium

Host:  Prof. Jochen Utikal und Prof. Viktor Umansky

Short-Bio: Michail Sitovsky

Dr. Sitkovsky is Eleanor W. Black Chair Professor of Immunophysiology and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology at Northeastern University.

Dr. Sitkovsky received his Ph. D. in biophysics from Moscow University in 1973. From 1981 – 84, Dr. Sitkovsky worked as an immunologist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Center for Cancer Research. At the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases from 1984 – 2004, he served as Chief of the Biochemistry and Immunopharmacology section of the Laboratory of Immunology.

Dr. Sitkovsky’s research has led to the discovery of the novel mechanism of cytotoxicity by T killer cells and to the discovery of the critical and non-redundant role of hypoxia adenosinergic immune regulation in the pathogenesis of cancer and infectious diseases. Currently, proposed co-adjuvant treatments are in preparation for clinical trials of a novel immunotherapy of cancer protocols.


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