Tools for single molecule and single cell epigenomic analysis

Paul Soloway - Cornell University

Jan, 23 2014
11:00 DKFZ Main Auditorium

Host: C. Plass

Biosketch Paul Soloway

Paul Soloway earned a BA in Biochemistry at Cornell University, a PhD in Molecular Genetics from Princeton University and did post doctoral studies at MIT and the Whitehead Institute. He worked as a Research Scientist at Roswell Park Cancer Institute before joining the Cornell University faculty where he is Professor of Nutritional Sciences in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Dr. Soloway studies genomic imprinting, the mechanisms regulating placement of epigenetic marks in the genome and is developing single molecule and single cell approaches for multiplexed epigenomic analysis.

Current research activities are in the area of epigenetics and includes several separate sets of projects. One of these seeks to characterize the mechanisms regulating the epigenetic phenomena of DNA and histone methylation in mice using the Rasgrf1 gene as a model. These methylation events are potent regulators of gene expression and respond to environmental variables, including nutrition, in ways that are stable and inheritable. A second set of projects seeks to identify how different histone and DNA methylation events are coordinated, either positively or negatively in the genome. A third set of projects seeks to develop next generation methods for single molecule profiling of multiple epigenetic states, simultaneously and genome wide.

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