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Science at DKFZ

SCIENCE@DKFZ - The DKFZ Internal Seminar



SCIENCE@DKFZ is a monthly internal seminar series and forms a regular platform for presenting cutting-edge research going on at our center. It aims at increasing the dissemination of scientific results generated at the DKFZ and NCT in Heidelberg. Each edition will feature a comprehensive lecture by a DKFZ division head or junior group leader. These speakers will also give a general overview of their research field. In addition, recent DKFZ publication highlights will be presented as short talks. In this season, we also plan to scatter in tech talks from leaders of our core facilities. In each edition and over each season, all six research programs of the DKFZ will be covered, with the goal to show not only the excellence but also the bandwidth of research performed at the DKFZ.

Colleagues from the Heidelberg Campus are warmly welcomed to all events.

Upcoming SCIENCE@DKFZ In-Person Event



The next event of the season VII SCIENCE@DKFZ lecture series has been scheduled for Tuesday, 12 December 2023 at 4 pm with a keynote lecture by Dr. Moritz Mall⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢ as in-person only event.

We invite you to join us at DKFZ lecture hall.

Before and after the keynotes young scientists will present outstanding recently published publications. Detailed program see below. 

Program 2023-12-12 4:00 pm:

Moderator: Dr. Wilhelm Palm⁢⁢⁢

Short Talk: Vladimir Magalhaes Immune–epithelial cell cross-talk enhances antiviral responsiveness to SARS-CoV-2 in children

Short Talk: Dr. Agne Krilaviciute Digital rectal examination is not a useful screening test for prostate cancer

Main Talk: Dr. Moritz Mall⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢ Cell fate plasticity in development and cancer⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢

Short Talk: Patricia Blickle Post-traumatic growth in cancer survivors: What is its extent and what are important determinants?

Short Talk: Hamed Alborzi Nia 7-Dehydrocholesterol is an endogenous suppressor of ferroptosis

Program Season VII

4:00 pm, DKFZ Lecture Hall

Tuesday, 02 May 2023
Jan Korbel⁢ (FSP B) Cancer evolution insights from single cell analyses of genomic structural variation

Thursday, 22 June 2023
Rocio Sotillo⁢ (FSP B) Molecular drivers and cell of origin of non-small cell lung cancer⁢

Thursday, 20 July 2023
Stefan Tenzer (FSP D) High resolution immunopeptidomics⁢

Thursday, 21 September 2023
Titus Brinker⁢ (FSP C) What can we expect from digital tools for prevention, early detection and therapy management of skin cancer?⁢

Wednesday, 04 October 2023
Henri-Jacques Delecluse⁢ (FSP F) The Epstein-Barr virus, friend and foe?⁢

Thursday, 16 November 2023
Leif Schröder⁢ (FSP E) Self-assembling molecular reporters for novel diagnostic MRI opportunities⁢

Tuesday, 12 December 2023
Moritz Mall⁢ (FSP A) Cell fate plasticity in development and cancer⁢

Jointly organized by the DKFZ Research Programs (FSPs)

Contact the Organizers


Poster Season VII


Poster Season VII

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