International Postdoc Program

Selection procedure

All applications will be evaluated by four distinguished division heads and group leaders in a competitive selection process. We will invite successful candidates for a vist to Heidelberg. Letters of invitation will be provided for VISA application.

DKFZ Postdoctoral Symposium

© DKFZ, N. Kepper

About 8-10 weeks after the application deadline, a three day DKFZ Postdoctoral Symposium will be held in Heidelberg. About 20 candidates will be invited.

Tentative schedule: 

  • Day 1: Postdoc Symposium with 15 min presentations + 5 min discussion.
  • Dinner at a typical Heidelberg restaurant with all candidates and invited DKFZ members
  • Day 2: Lab visits and Interviews
  • Day 3: Lab visits and Interviews

Final decisions

Applicants will be informed of the outcome of the selection process shortly after the symposium (within about 2 weeks) and are expected to accept the fellowship within 4 weeks. Postions are available immediatedly after acceptance and should be fillled within 6 month after the fellowship has been awarded.

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