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We are pleased to announce that the DKFZ Career Service has launched a group on LInkedIn especially for Major Cancer Biology alumni, so current and former students of the program can get and stay in touch, for the exchange of career advise, first-hand information and peer mentoring.

The group is steadily growing and if you are a former or present student of Major Cancer Biology simply request to join (the above picture is a weblink) and see who's there already!

> DKFZ Graduation Ceremony on 6. November 2015

Congratulations to all DKFZ PhD and MSc-Major Cancer Biology Students who have successfully finished their studies and received their DKFZ Graduation Certificate & Congratulations!!

*****Have a look at the picture gallery from a very entertaining afternoon here*****


> The students of Major Cancer Biology 2015 have arrived at the DKFZ - Welcome!

Very international - the Major Cancer Biology class of 2015 (picture taken in front of the TP3 Building at the end of the DKFZ Welcome Events on October 17)



> 1. Retreat of Major Cancer Biology in Weil der Stadt - 20./21. June 2015


"How to make young scientists think about their career?"

In June 2015 the DKFZ Cancer Biology students dedicated a week-end to their first retreat in Weil der Stadt. The event was jointly organized by the senior and junior students and it was a great success!

How to make young scientists think about their career? - Read their answers here …

> DKFZ Graduation Ceremony on 21. November 2014



On Friday, 21. November 2014, the PhD and Master students of the DKFZ, who have successfully completed their studies in course of the year,  will receive their certificates and congratulations during the annual Graduation Ceremony organized by the Helmholtz International Graduate School for Cancer Research.

All Major Cancer Biology students, faculty, friends and family are warmly invited to come to the Grand Lecture Theatre at 4.30 pm to celebrate the new PhDs and Masters and to attend when certificates and scholarships are awarded.

The Ceremony will again be accompanied by the student band "The Wild Types".
Afterwards there is a sekt reception, and starting at 9 pm the legendary PhD party Ph.inishe.D will rock the house.

> Welcome to the students of Major Cancer Biology 2014

Major Cancer Biology class of 2014 - with the Scientific Program Coordinator Prof. Ilse Hofmann and the Head of the Scientific Council of the DKFZ, Dr. Jörg Hoheisel (picture taken in front of the ATV Building on October 14)

> 15th November 2013: DKFZ-HIGS Graduation Ceremony


Student graduations, Fellowship awards, a Nobel laureate, PhD Hat competition, Student talk, Poster presentation awards, PhD Council  farewell and welcome, Science Slam,  Music from the "The Wild Types" - this year's annual DKFZ-HIGS Graduation Ceremony was a firework of events, lively and entertaining, but most of all a time to congratulate and celebrate the students who have sucessfully earned their University degrees, PhD or MSc, during the last year.

On Friday afternoon all DKFZ was invited to the Grand Lecture Hall, guided through the program by the Scientific Director of the DKFZ Board, Prof. Dr. Otmar D. Wiestler.

For a picture gallery of the event please go to the 2011 Students' page.

Major Cancer Biology proudly presents: Students from our first class of master students, 2007, have successfully completed their PhD at the DKFZ - Congratulations!


All happy faces: Here are some of our successful graduates from the 2010 and 2011 Major Cancer Biology classes - Congratulations!


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