High resolution assessment of antiogenesis and normalization of tumor vessel phenotype under therapy using implanted MR-coils and functional and molecular MR-imaging methods

Number of publications: 1
Israeli Partner: M. Neeman, Weizmann Institute of Science
German Partner: F. Kiessling (div. of W. Semmler), DKFZ


Kiessling, F., Huppert, J., Zhang, C., Jayapaul, J., Zwick, S., Woenne, E. C., Mueller, M. M., Zentgraf, H., Eisenhut, M., Addadi, Y., Neeman, M., Semmler, W.

RGD-labeled USPIO inhibits adhesion and endocytotic activity of alpha v beta3-integrin-expressing glioma cells and only accumulates in the vascular tumor compartment 253 (2), Radiology, 462-9, 2009

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