Organising team

The organising team for the HoSC Conference mainly consists of PhD and MD students of the RTG 2099 who are conducting their studies in Mannheim and Heidelberg. All members of the team are dedicated to cancer research and work on projects which are essential to Hallmarks of Skin Cancer.



Head of organising team


Katharina Isabelle Kober (PhD student)

Ashik Ahmed Abdul Pari (PhD student)

Georg Sedlmeier (PhD student)

Lucie Wolf (PhD student)



Organising team


Corinne Bauer (Postdoc)

Aniello Federico (PhD student)

Manuel Feinauer (MD student)

Felix Funck (PhD student)

Verena Häfele (PhD student)

Laura Hüser (PhD student)

James Kim (MD student)

Julian Kött (MD student)

Loreen Kloss (PhD student)

Bogdana Kovalchuk (MD student)

Thomas Leibing (MD student)

Diego Martin (PhD student)

Jose Ramon Robador Arteta (PhD student)

Christian Schmid (MD student)

Melanie Schwab (PhD student)

Rebekka Weber (PhD student)

Johanna Zierow (PhD student)


Principal investigators

Prof. Dr. Peter Angel

Prof. Dr. Sergij Goerdt

Prof. Dr. Jochen Utikal


Administrative coordinator

Dr. Lisa Jakobi


For more information and questions regarding the conference, please contact us via e-mail:

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