We are six PhD student representatives of the DKFZ, who were elected by the student body at the annual plenary meeting held in autumn.

Our main responsibilities are to coordinate the different teams of the PhD students, to improve the conditions for PhD students together with the Graduate School and to serve in boards (e.g. Graduate Program Committee) as representatives of the PhD student body. We also act as the official liaison between the PhD students and administrative and scientific executive boards. Moreover, we organize events for you together with the teams, other institutes,... Our aim is to speak for the general interest of the DKFZ-PhD students, who are a large and diverse group of around 500 people of different nationalities. It is not surprising that also the members of the Council are very international.

A few of us also participate on the national level via the "Helmholtz Juniors", where engagement is not limited to those elected. So come and join in on these activities!
Feel free to e-mail us to find out how.

The PhD Student Council for the period of 2015/2016

The PhD Student Council 2015/2016 members (front: Azer, Juliane, Sara; back: Antonino, Sebastian, Mahak)
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  • Antonino A. Pane
  • Azer Aylin Acikgöz
  • Juliane Hafermann
  • Mahak Singhal
  • Sara Ciprut
  • Sebastian Kruse

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