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The aim of the Alumni Association of the DKFZ is to support long-lasting personal and scientific relationships between present and former members of our center and to maintain the exchange of ideas and experiences in this ever growing world-wide community at the national and international level. A particularly important target group of the activities of the association are young scientists, especially those from abroad, currently or previously working at the DKFZ.

Alumni visiting Roche Mannheim

The activities of the association include

  • publication of a Newsletter which is widely distributed
  • scientific meetings at the DKFZ and abroad
  • supportive social and cultural activities for visiting scientists and members of the DKFZ
  • a travel grant program for short-term visits of young scientist to the DKFZ
  • an Alumni e-mail address for members
  • Alumni Club Heidelberg (coordinated by Gerhard van Kaick)

Contact among members is supported by the recently introduced and password-protected membership directory. The membership fee is voluntary, however, sponsors are welcome.

Contact information

Prof. Dr. Manfred Schwab (Chairman of the Board of Alumni DKFZ), e-mail, phone: +49 (0)6221-423220

Susanne Schunk (Management Alumni DKFZ), e-mail, phone: +49 (0)6221-424499

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