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Today there are already effective therapies for many forms of cancer. Although the biomedical research of the past decades has laid the groundwork for improved diagnosis and therapy, great efforts still have to be made in the interest of the cancer patients of today and those of the future. This can only be reached through a commitment of determined and ongoing research work. During 30 years of research and development work Harald zur Hausen, winner of the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2008 and long-time chairman of the Cancer Research Center has paved the way for the first vaccination against cancer. The vaccination is available since 2006 and will protect countless women from cervical cancer.

With the funds that you donate to the German Cancer Research Center you can provide general support to cancer research, promote selected research projects or target the research of specific forms of cancer.

Please feel free to contact us if you want to support a particular aspect of cancer research with your contribution. We are happy to adapt ourselves to causes that are dear to you. Any contribution you make is tax deductible. If you state your name and address on the bank transfer form, we will provide you with a donation receipt.

The German Cancer Research Center gratefully acknowledges your support.

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Cancer Research requires time and money

The German Cancer Research Center was founded in 1964 with the all-encompassing task of researching the mechanisms responsible for the development of cancer, exploring the risks of contracting cancer and deducing from these fundamental results a new approach for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancerous diseases.

It is the work of the researchers at the German Cancer Research Center, among them biologists, physicians, chemists, mathematicians and computer scientists, to implement this task. At the same time they cooperate with national and international research institutions. The increased networking and collaboration with clinical partners over the last few years has ensured the rapid transfer of research results from the lab to the patient.

The German Cancer Research Center today has achieved an internationally leading position in the field of biomedicine. The Center receives its basic funds from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts, Baden Württemberg. In addition the scientists successfully apply for research funding by public and private bodies. Despite that, notable gaps continue to exist.

Please lend us your support!

You can support the German Cancer Research Center through

  • a single donation.
  • regular donations: if you want to support cancer research over an extended period of time, your contribution can be transferred either monthly or yearly.
  • charity and memorial donations: on the occasion of a birthday or funeral, instead of presents and flowers, you can ask your family and friends to contribute their donations to cancer research.
  • general legacies and inheritance: when making your last will and testament you might consider the German Cancer Research Center as your inheritor.
  • foundations and donations: please get in touch with us in case you are considering this form of contribution to cancer research.

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