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Elisabeth Hohensee
Private funding
German Cancer Research Center
Phone: +49 6221 42-2848

With the funds that you donate to the German Cancer Research Center you can provide general support to cancer research, promote selected research projects or target the research of specific forms of cancer.

Please feel free to contact us if you want to support a particular aspect of cancer research with your contribution. We are happy to adapt ourselves to causes that are dear to you. If you state your name and address on the bank transfer form, we will provide you with a donation receipt.

The German Cancer Research Center gratefully acknowledges your support.

Please lend us your support!

You can support the German Cancer Research Center through

  • a single donation.
  • regular donations: if you want to support cancer research over an extended period of time, your contribution can be transferred either monthly or yearly.
  • charity and memorial donations: on the occasion of a birthday or funeral, instead of presents and flowers, you can ask your family and friends to contribute their donations to cancer research.
  • general legacies and inheritance: when making your last will and testament you might consider the German Cancer Research Center as your inheritor.
  • foundations and sub-foundations: please get in touch with us in case you are considering this form of contribution to cancer research.

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