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You are planning to join a lab at DKFZ for your postdoc?

You are looking for a working environment at an institute which is international, fosters interdisciplinary research and builds on scientific exchange and excellence?

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But first have a look at what our postdocs say about working at the institute.

Maïwen Caudron-Herger, France

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“I really enjoy working at the DKFZ because everything is available to do the best science. There are many possibilities for collaborations and networking, and the technologies are present to support the development of my research project. Moreover, I have access to a wide variety of seminars and training opportunities to develop my scientific and personal skills. In addition to my research, I was speaker of the PostDoc Network of the DKFZ and I'm now coordinator of the Academic Career group. I particularly profit from my involvement in the PDN, because it is an incredible enrichment in terms of scientific and social networking. Additionally, I acquire management skills through “learning by doing”, which is invaluable for a future group leader position. I am grateful that the DKFZ has warmly welcomed and now intensively supports the PostDoc Network.”

Rosario M. Piro, Italy

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“For a computational biologist, one of the most crucial factors for developing cutting-edge cancer research projects is the privileged access to novel high-throughput biomedical data and having the possibility to validate computational findings. I found DKFZ to provide a perfect environment because of the vast possibilities of collaborations with experimental biologists both within the institute and internationally.

Being Germany's largest biomedical research institute, DKFZ offers a stimulating, dynamic environment filled with seminars by distinguished lecturers, conferences, workshops and active communities for PostDocs as well as PhD students. I especially appreciate the opportunities provided by numerous advanced training courses that can help in fostering career plans by complementing scientific advancement with, for example, project management and leadership skills.”

Elisabeth Pavez Loriè, Sweden

© DKFZ, M. Caudron-Herger

"My interest for the DKFZ and Heidelberg was raised when I went to the NatureJobs Career Expo in London. Coming back home I learnt about several  research groups in the field of tissue homeostasis and skin carcinogenesis that interested me and I was gladly surprised to also see that efforts were made to keep women in science.  After being accepted into the PostDoc Program my family and I received a lot of support on administrative and local authority issues from the staff at DKFZ before and after we arrived to Heidelberg, less than a year ago. 

Besides working in a friendly research atmosphere with my favourite research field, having access to internal courses and cancer research experts close by, I find that my opportunities keep expanding. For instance I joined the PostDoc (PDN) and senior scientists (INESS) Network communities, which gives me the possibility to connect with other scientists in a large variety of fields. I will also be part of one of several mentoring programs that the DKFZ offers. And even though it has been tough for my family and I to move to a new country without speaking the language, we now happily call Heidelberg our home and look forward to see what the future brings."

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