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Cell Biology and Tumor Biology

Research Program Cell Biology and Tumor Biology

Coordinator Prof. Dr. Andreas Trumpp

Every cancer originates from an individual cell. If its genetic material has undergone a number of changes that can no longer be corrected by repair mechanisms, then the cell breaks out of the sophisticated balance of growth and renewal and starts to proliferate uncontrolled. Thus, to develop new approaches in cancer treatment, we need to understand the complex processes happening in cells and their interactions among each other. The divisions and working groups involved in this research program are studying the mechanisms of cell differentiation, i.e., how cells specialize into the various types of cells and tissues with their specific tasks. To do so, researchers primarily use methods of cell and molecular biology and genetically modified animal models. A focus of research is the regulation of cell-type specific proteins and their functions. In addition, researchers are investigating changes in the genetic material that cause or promote tumor development.

In 2007 a strategic alliance between the Research Program Cell and Tumor Biology of the German Cancer Research Center and the Center for Molecular Biology of Heidelberg University was founded. To the websites of the DKFZ-ZMBH-Alliance.

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