Research Group Ion Beam Therapy (E0408)

Steffen Greilich

Translational research for ion beam therapy

Our research group focuses on further exploiting and developing the potential of proton and ion beams in radiotherapy and translating its research projects into clinical applications. Our primary research partner is the Heidelberg Ion Beam Therapy Facility (HIT) at the University Hospital Heidelberg.

HIT is the first European hospital based facility for scanned proton and heavy ion radiotherapy and has started its operation in November 2009. The projects at DKFZ have gained extensive experience with this treatment modality within a pilot project at the German heavy ion research center Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung GmbH (GSI) in Darmstadt between 1997 and 2008.

Current research topics

  • Dosimetry
    • Track-based, in-vivo assessment of physical and biological dose
    • Subcellular energy deposition and impact on biological response
    • Water calorimetry for ion beams
    • Experimental characterization and modeling of detector response
    • strong magnetic fields
  • New imaging modalities for treatment planning
    • Dual energy computed tomography
    • MR-guidance
    • Development of multi-modality phantoms

Selected publications

  • Hünemohr, N., Krauss, B., Tremmel, C., Ackermann, B., Jäkel, O., and Greilich, S. Experimental verification of ion stopping power prediction from dual energy CT data in tissue surrogates. Physics in Medicine and Biology, 201459, 83-96.
  • Niklas, M., Abdollahi, A., Akselrod, M. S., Debus, J., Jäkel, O., and Greilich, S. Subcellular spatial correlation of particle traversal and biological response in clinical ion beams. International Journal of Radiation Oncology*Biology*Physics, 2013, 87, 1141-1147.
  • Osinga, J.-M., Brons, S., Bartz, J. A., Akselrod, M. S., Jäkel, O., and Greilich, S. Absorbed Dose in Ion Beams: Comparison of Ionisation- and Fluence-Based Measurements. Radiation Protection Dosimetry, 2014, 161, 387-392.

For a full list of articles, theses etc. from the division, see here. For more information on publications related to the group's projects, see here.


Dr. Steffen Greilich
Division of Medical Physics in Radiation Oncology (E040)
Head of Research Group ‘Ion Beam Therapy’ (E040-8)
German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ)

Im Neuenheimer Feld 280
69120 Heidelberg

phone: +49 6221 42-2632
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