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TGF-ß prevents self-reactive B cell activation

T follicular helper (TFH) cells contribute to the establishment of humoral immunity by controlling the delivery of helper signals to activated B cells. However, TFH development must be restrained, as aberrant accumulation of these cells is associated with positive selection of self–reactive germinal center B cells and autoimmunity in both humans and mice.

Copyright Christopf Bock Wikimedia commons

How silent genes are activated

DNA methylation is a dynamic and reversible process that governs gene expression during development and disease. Several examples of active DNA demethylation have been documented, involving genome-wide and gene-specific DNA demethylation. How demethylating enzymes are targeted to specific genomic loci remains largely unknown.

One cancer – many tumors

In studies on prostate cancer, scientists from the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) simultaneously investigated the genetic and epigenetic development of the tumors. They used a parallel approach to analyze both the genome and the methylation of the DNA in various tissue samples from a tumor and its metastases.

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