Donations due to special occasions

Donations due to special occasions

Donation account

Sparkasse Heidelberg
IBAN: DE98 6725 0020 0005 0000 50

You're planning a birthday party, your wedding or an anniversary? Make use of this occasion and ask your guests to make a donation to cancer research instead of offering flowers and gifts.

Provide your guests and friends with a keyword they can use when making their donation to the German Cancer Research Center (e.g. Grete Meier's birthday). Please inform us beforehand of your donation initiative.

Your contact person

Elisabeth Hohensee

Private Funding
German Cancer Research Center
Phone: +49 6221 42-2848

After the completion of the donation action (approx. six weeks after the initial event) we will send you a list of all of the donators under your keyword. We will also provide you with the total sum. For reasons of data protection we can't reveal the amount of each individual contributor.



Donations can be made tax deductable. If your guests provide their name and address when sending their donations, they will receive a donation receipt from us.

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