PDN - The PostDoc Network of the DKFZ

The PDN was formed to represent the PostDocs interests towards the management board of the DKFZ, in order to achieve the best conditions for career perspectives and scientific output. Therefore, the main goals are to raise the visibility of PostDocs inside and outside the DKFZ, to foster the career development and to increase the social and scientific networking between PostDocs. Several specific subgroups were established to provide the optimal infrastructure to achieve these goals.

    • Visibility:
      • Questionnaires: determine specific topics of high interest for the DKFZ PostDoc community
      • The PDN website and mailing list provides general information on the PDN and a platform for discussions, to improve the communication within the PDN and present the work of the PDN


    • Career Development:
      • Career Seminar Series: provides an insight into possible careers outside the "classical" academic research
      • Vocational Training: organizes courses focused on the interests of PostDocs


  • Networking:
    • The Career Seminar Series and other Get-togethers as regular events: meet other PostDocs in the DKFZ
    • Welcoming new PostDocs at the DKFZ and providing them with useful information to facilitate their start here
    • Collaboration with the PostDoc Association at the EMBL and the University of Heidelberg
    • PostDoc Retreat: increases scientific networking
    • Work-Life-Balance: exchanging ideas and experiences to improve family-work balance

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Workshops for PostDocs - Vocational Training

The vocational training program (Weiterbildung) includes several courses dedicated to and reserved for PostDocs. This improvement is a direct result of the first PostDoc-questionnaire answered by the PostDocs of the DKFZ in 2010. To further improve the selection of dedicated training courses for PostDocs new questionnaires will be regularly used to investigate the PostDoc's needs.

Career Seminars

A Career Seminar Series specifically for PostDocs is organized by the PDN. At these seminars a former PostDoc now successfully pursuing a career outside of “classical” academic research is giving a presentation. The focus in the given talks is on the personal career path of the invited speaker. Afterwards the speaker can be met personally to discuss details with respect to career choices and success factors.

Welcome and get-together activities

The Welcome and Get-together group offers the opportunity for Postdocs from all kind of backgrounds and with diverse experience to meet once a month in an informal setting. Whether you arrived in Heidelberg last week or have been a Postdoc for a little longer, our events can help you to meet people, make friends, discuss work or your next career step; some people might have exactly the kind of experience you are looking for. And, most importantly, we have fun together. If this is not enough you might also join the weekly Running meet-up group, AKA Sweat together, combining sport and socialising.

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