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DKFZ Career Service: Scientific Life beyond the Lab

The DKFZ Career Service aims to support all Masters, PhD students and Postdocs at the DKFZ in the planning of their professional future. The Career Service provides (1) career-related workshops and conferences; (2) personal coaching and advising; and (3) expansion of the career network by following up with scientists after their stay at the dkfz. Sharing experience with scientists in Academia, Industry and beyond is a great help to take informed decisions about one’s own career.

Career Days and Seminars

With the support of the Career Service, PhD students and Postdocs invite scientists with interesting career paths for a short presentation and panel discussion. Many other career seminars are coordinated together with other instances in Heidelberg so that at least once per year it is possible to meet scientists with careers in academia as well as industry, R&D, consulting, publishing, research management, patenting, teaching, etc…

Upcoming DKFZ Career Days in 2015:

[further info on previous DKFZ Career Days]

Workshops and Courses

The Career Service organizes workshops on e.g. application skills, CV writing, “Career Plan B (Life/Work Planning)”, soft skills, business for scientists etc. A detailed overview can be found in a separate chapter in the Advanced Training Program.

http://logaportal/maportal -> Seminar Enrolment -> Topics -> Scientific Career Development/Service


PhD students and Postdocs from the DKFZ can make a date for a personal and confidential chat of 45 minutes with the Career Advisor. Different modules are possible:

a) Orientation, Competencies, Possibilities, Career Planning

-> please have a look at myidp.sciencecareers.org and bring along your questions

b) How and where to look for professional possibilities, application and interivew preparation

-> you have a career plan A (and B!) and would like to discuss how to get there

A doodle link for appointments can be be received from careers@dkfz.de

Open Career Lunch

For all interested scientists (from masters’ students to senior postdocs) there is a “career lunch” every Thursday, for which you can confidentially register on the intranet. This is just to meet in person, ask questions and exchange information! Often a special guest is invited as well. It’s never too soon or too late to talk about your future…

Science & Society

Think and discuss YOUR role as a scientist, Science in a broader sense, Ethical issues, Talking to the public, Engaging in voluntary projects. Why? It should be a moral duty for every scientist and the real PLUS on your CV is your Interest – Engagement – Experience!

Examples of Science and Society activities are the Heidelberg Life Science Lab (teaching high school students), Adequation (shipping used lab equipment to third world countries), collaborations with the EMBL and Heidelberg University.

Join the DKFZ Alumni Network

While still working at the DKFZ since at least 3 months or after leaving, you are very welcome to join the DKFZ Alumni Network. You can apply for a free email address which will forward messages to your private email, so you can be contacted under first.lastname@alumni.dkfz.de without giving out your private address.

You can also join the DKFZ-Career-Network on LinkedIn and/or Xing

DKFZ Career Service Staff

DKFZ Career Manager

© dkfz.de

Dr. Barbara Janssens is Career Manager and joined the DKFZ in 2011. She is Belgian (PhD in molecular and cell biology from Ghent University), and after a postdoc in Paris she worked for five years as an Editor at Wiley-Blackwell. You can contact Barbara by email.

Career Service Project Coordinator

© dkfz.de

Marion Guerth joined the Career Service in July 2013. Marion Gürth studied Biology at the TU Darmstadt and did her Diploma in Heidelberg in 2005. Marion supports all projects and focusses on building up the dkfz Career Network. Have a look at Marion's professional profile on LinkedIn or contact her per email.

Student Aid - HiWi at the Career Service

© dkfz.de

Jana Fehr supports the Career Service as a student aid since December 2014.

Former Student Aids - HiwIs

© dkfz.de

From left to right:

Larisa Condurat was HiWi at the Career Service from March 2012 - June 2013.
Kathrin Jansen was HiWi at the Career Service from January 2013 - August 2013.
Soumya Mohapatra was HiWi at the Career Service from April 2013 - October 2013.
Christopher Domnick was HiWi at the Career Service from September 2013 - July 2014.
Hilde Angermeier was HiWi at the Career Service from July 2014 - November 2014.

Career Information for DKFZ PhD Students and Postdocs

Further information about the Career Service can be found on the DKFZ intranet, including a sharepoint site. This includes a list of career-related books in the DKFZ library and information about our PhD careers survey, the DKFZ Career Service Facebook page and a useful mailing list.

Please contact Barbara, the Graduate Office or the Department for Advanced Training for more information.

The Career Service office is located in the DKFZ main building (INF280, H1.06.015b, Graduate School). On Fridays career appointments take place here (INF280) and on Wednesdays in TP4 (INF581) (see sitemap below).

© dkfz.de

Successful applications - Five tips how to boost your career

At The EMBO Meeting 2012 in Nice Barbara Janssens, PhD Career Manager at DKFZ, gave five tips on how to write CV and job applications.

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