Data Science Seminar

Data Visualization – Potential and Pitfalls

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Visualizations help to identify patterns in data and to present correlations in a comprehensible way. They are an important communication tool in science, public relations and journalism. But there are rules when using them, otherwise graphics can easily distort or completely misrepresent information. In this session, Marie-Louise Timcke will give an overview of the types of graphics available, the purposes for which they are suitable, and what to look out for when presenting and interpreting data - with tools and tips from the practical world.


Marie-Louise Timcke is a programming journalist and heads the interactive unit at Funke Mediengruppe. There, she works with an interdisciplinary team of developers, designers and journalists on new research methods and visual narrative forms. From her data journalism studies at TU Dortmund University, she founded Journocode, an initiative for more data literacy and IT skills in journalism. Over the next year, she will be joining the Süddeutsche Zeitung to take over as head of the data team.

Twitter handle: @datentaeterin

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